Diminishing Returns on Grievance Investment

amazing what some blackface makeup and a high-powered curling iron
can do for your social status

In his latest essay at Social Matter, Henry Dampier discusses the post-historical bias, that is the Left wing belief in ‘Progress’ and the inevitable improvement of human civilization of course carried out by them. Through the endless revolution against Tradition, they cannot see any devised future endeavor as a potential failure, and cannot see any old ways as successes. Dampier writes:

“Liberals have to portray themselves as continually winning against remnants of traditional evil, even when the struggle becomes absurd. Stopping the triumphant parade of new rights threatens to bleed off the momentum of the entire project, which is why new ones need to be invented constantly, and why more enthusiasm needs to be redirected to uplifting and importing the third world.”

In large part, Liberals today do battle with Liberals yesterday. The remnants of Tradition have been so thoroughly scrubbed and blotted out that there are nothing but memories of it to attack with the rain of rhetorical fury. Where are the patriarchs? Where are the racists? Where are the religious traditionalists? Silent, hidden, or non-existent. The lack of suitable ‘evil’ targets for the Cult of Progress to wage its holy jihad against forces them to set up new cottage industries of grievance through which they can go after people who, while Liberal, are not sufficiently Liberal. In a never-ending purge, the Cult and its Liberal adherents must necessarily cull what were their best and brightest, over and over again! In doing so, they preserve the momentum that Dampier talks about.

This is not a good long-term strategy however. While the momentum of the Cult’s ongoing revolution is kept alive by this engineered struggle, the illusion of the eternal underdog in a battle against a conspiratorial band of Traditionalists who still control everything, the Cult pays a price for this shameless tactic. It pays this price because it must seize on ever more bizarre and off-the-wall subdivisions of an underclass. The more extreme the agenda becomes vis-a-vis the natural state of Tradition, the more that the Cult of Progress has to scrape the barrel of societal detritus in order to find leaders for its marching columns.

Let me illustrate this with a simple illustration of how our revolutionaries have changed over time since the ‘Enlightenment’.

Since the end of monarchy and aristocracy, the hierarchy of man has been put into an upside down orientation with its most degenerate elements in control of the revolution, giving the orders, writing the laws, forging the cultural taboos of tomorrow. This is not enough however, It is not enough that the lowest caste is in power, no, the lowest elements of the lowest caste must be brought to prominence: the outright freakish and certifiable, the talentless and evil, the pathological and deceitful, those who just yesterday, the revolutionaries wanted to hide and keep below the plane of attention and respectability. I doubt Martin Luther King would have wanted to be associated with the ‘transracial’ Rachel Dolezal. Similarly I’m sure the Founding Fathers would have beaten Betty Friedan with a shoe and told her to get back in the kitchen. At the level of individuals rather than macro-societal degeneration, we can actually see entropy in action almost in real time. Why does the Cult of Progress have no George Washingtons today? Why are they stuck with the condescending smirk of a Hawaiian/Kenyan charlatan who was once a member of the ‘choom gang’?

Because of this decline in the quality of the revolution’s faces, the Cult of Progress is losing credibility. Not in a way that threatens the Cult’s dominance in society, but in a way that at least threatens the momentum, and for a movement that like the shark, cannot stop lest it die, this is a huge hazard that must be addressed. This is why the revolutionaries must expand the state itself and embrace the bullying tactics that they decried as monstrous when conducted by Mussolini’s Blackshirts. It’s a compensation mechanism. The more outlandish the left’s core constituency and leading figures become, the more dissent against them has to be uncompromisingly squashed.

As I outlined in my previous post however, this comes with drawbacks. Eventually, when all pretenses have to be jettisoned and freedom of speech is finally torn to shreds by the Cult who will declare it an anathema to tolerance and diversity, this will wound them critically. At that point, the majority of their power will be held by bayonet and bayonet alone. The ideology which inspires the masses to revolt will be withering and dying like any high hopes of the Chinese peasants forced to cook their babies as Mao’s Great Leap Forward starved them to death. Championing the cause of the economically deprived, racially marginalized, and sexually repressed has its mileage for certain, but when you have to hold up ‘transracial queer furry otherkin’ as the next conquest of the civil rights march, the act has worn thin. And it is worth noting that this has no prospects of improvement. There simply is no fertile soil from which the Cult can raise up the kind of leaders they had in generations past. They laced the whole farm with toxins and now only fruits bearing lesions and tumors spring forth. It will only get worse, not better.

The Cult of Progress then is trapped in a downward spiral. They of course consider it to be an upward spiral that will culminate in a utopia of understanding between gender dysphoric midget mimes and illiterate street thugs, but then this is indicative of their own insanity. We often look at the questions of civilization’s disintegration through the lens of irresponsible economics, wider cultural or religious degradation, ethnic pollution, and shifts in power dynamics, however just as important is to recognize the changing faces of the revolution, both those who bellow into microphones and those who nod happily in the gathered masses. This too, like the portrait of Dorian Gray, is becoming snarled and ugly due to the spiral. We know that at the end of this spiral, is the death of the Cult. Those loyal to it will, in the end, fall victim to the dystopia that they create and the natural and human forces it unleashes upon the world, or else be executed in a timely manner by those with any sense of retributive justice.

vision of the Progressive utopia
soon to be dashed on the rocks of mass poverty, famine, and war

8 thoughts on “Diminishing Returns on Grievance Investment

  1. Mr. Citadel…

    This “Cult of progress” IS anti-Supremacist in general and anti-white Supremacist in particular. And because genuine white Supremacists are as rare as a fourth leaf clover, the “liberal” must constantly conjure up a degenerate version so as to justifiably annihilate a lesser anti-white Supremacist. So in fact, the rationalized culling process is rooted in the constant search of those insufficiently anti-white Supremacy. I have stated elsewhere that Liberalism is proof of the Law of Diminishing Returns. There is only one solution to “infinite regress…” Be perfect.


  2. Mr. Citadel…

    Then the substance of *our* dispute is my particular and absolute use of the language and your abstract and liberated use of the language. By using the euphemism “liberal” to envelope what is ACTUALLY an anti-Supremacist IS TO HELP THAT liberal “thing.” It is as simple as that.

    Mr. Citadel… Are you a GENUINE white Supremacist? If not, YOU ARE an anti-white Supremacist. There is no in between… No real Neo's reaction that has a white male float somewhere in between white Supremacy and anti-white Supremacy. There is not a balancing act for the white male with that high IQ no matter how intelligent he believes himself to be??? This is the Litmus Test coming soon to EVERY white Christian male.


  3. I hope there are some far right technically adept guys out there—we may need to start setting up mailing lists and self publishing presses in the nearest few years as this rate of leftist insanity increases.


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