When Will We Know?

We cannot dream of hands, and yet still hands will be necessary. Hands do not provide deliverance, and yet without them the fire that does has no carrier, no entourage, no escort.

One ascendancy theory as it pertains to Reaction is the idea of Populist Theory. This puts forward the notion that due to the entropic nature of Modernity, it will eventually become unbearable for the population and they will, perhaps slowly, turn against Liberalism itself and not just specific outworkings (i.e – the all-expansive state, abortion, etc). I’ve stated previously that I reject this somewhat simplistic, optimistic, and rather anti-Reactionary idea. If the very political system we propose rejects populism, how on earth will populism be what brings it to power? People often present the example of the Third Reich, however this doesn’t hold because raised by populism, the National Socialist movement remained populist, just with a very rigid control over what was popular. We are imagining a system where nothing really becomes popular in the modern sense of the word. Man at large ceases to be a political force, with the levers of politics put under the hands of a stratified ruling class. No mass rallies with chanting and saluting, just the hierarchy and only the hierarchy.

The unrealism of the prospect stems from a misunderstanding of the endemic nature of Modernity, and man’s magnetic attraction to decline and ultimately, evil. You will never get the majority of people in any country to revert to a Reactionary viewpoint. Remember, the difference between Reaction and Traditionalism is one of status. A society can indeed be majority Traditionalist, but can never be majority Reactionary, because in the world where a Reaction is necessary, it is the thing that stands still, that stands against the current which moves over everything in a tidal motion. As Dávila alluded to, we exist in a fast-moving river that has as its only destructive countermand, the emptying out finally into a vast nothing. The river will not run back up to the sacred mountains, no. The survivors must walk from the sea, to the shore, and scale them on foot.

Populism is correctly rejected. Damn the people. They have damned themselves and most will never listen, not to sane men and certainly not to the will of God, either responding with the blankness of indifference or the scorn of the committed Progressive cultist. This does not mean however that we condemn our politics to the thin air. For there to be Reaction, it follows that there must be Reactionaries.

Know that when I speak of awakening, this is never in the sense of populism or revolution. It is in the sense of an activation of those who possess the characteristics that already would orientate them towards the most contrarian position of all, that of the anti-Modernist. This I do believe, that as society degenerates and disintegrates, there will be more who have nothing to lose by shedding the illusions of our society, because it will have less and less to offer. They will join us and stand shoulder to shoulder with us in resistance, faces to the wind, expressions of defiance.

How many? Impossible to say. Let us be generous and say that the West today find itself with a little less than 1% of adult males committed to Reaction in some form. This could grow as high as perhaps 8 or even 10%, but unlikely more than that. Still, this is potentially over twenty million men. A minority army, but armies are always tested for success upon a uniting motive. We’re not there to overthrow the system, but to be around when it overthrows itself, when the enemy knocks his head so hard, he’s left bleeding all over the pavement for his own stupidity! As his culture dies, our subculture will thrive because we are the sole political force cognizant of the inescapable shell of truth off of which every act of free will rebounds in some direction when fired. This is an adaptive advantage of enormous potential, but its a minority-tappable source. This is its weakness, its low ceiling of potential adherents.

So, I arrive at the question of when will we observe the potential become reality? When will we know that the radical right has in fact succeeded in its current mission and has become ‘worthy’? When will it have the necessary fortitude and following to etch Liberalism’s tombstone?

There are three signs that should be watched for, in sequence:

the begging and pleading stops whenever we want it to

1: Conservatism’s Downfall – This may already be occurring. Conservatism could once get away with its inevitable capitulation to Liberalism as society moved ‘forward’. This dynamic is starting to come apart due to entropy’s increasing rapidity as it approaches its destruction-point. Things are simply moving too fast for any cover shadow to be provided to the Conservatives. They can no longer trudge in a penumbra of temporal ideological obscurity because the Radical Progressives are moving the levers of power at a new pace with which they cannot conceivably keep up. Britain provides the most advanced example of this. See how the Conservative Party in 1988 enacted under Thatcher, ‘Section 28’, which is effectively the same as Russia’s current anti-gay propaganda law. Today, members of parliament from the very same party are openly calling for the arrest of Christians with a traditional view of marriage as terrorists. The Republican Party is effectively a joke in the United States, currently being trolled by Donald Trump and hounded by white nationalists on their own online media outlets. As a result, people on the right are becoming completely disaffected by the system. They are starting to see that Conservatism offers no actual resistance to people who are clearly mentally unstable. Once Conservatism ceases to be a political force in any meaningful sense, this sign will be completed, men of the right will have abandoned an illusion. To those who say that Conservatism will continue to exist as it has done before, I put to them the change in left wing societal mutagenic rates. Conservatism can survive and even thrive in societies where the left still works from the playbook of incrementalism. When this is thrown out in favor of quick bureaucratic and judicial fiats to enforce the left’s vision of egalitarianism, and to which the mainstream right has absolutely no recourse to placate their supporters with, Conservatism loses its cover and burns in the light of impotence.

don’t dismiss it, prepare for its inevitable implementation

2: The Desperate Crackdown – With entropy increasing at such an rapid pace, societal instability in the West, and by globalist extension the world, will soon become very apparent as our economic issues surrounding debt and stock bubbles hit a ceiling. Civil order will break down, particularly in poorer neighborhoods, and threats overseas are likely to grow in strength. This isn’t the collapse, It’s a birth pang which the elite will be able to control and contain, even with an unhappy public. They have built up enough institutional largess to secure this. The massive bureaucracy is their law and order rainy day fund. However in such a climate, more people will be attracted to political and religious ideologies that run counter to the Liberal elite’s interests, as their ability to provide luxury fades. This will be the justification for a widespread crackdown on dissent. It won’t be the Gestapo or the KGB dragging people away in the night, but will more likely look similar to what China has today with mostly technology-borne censorship and suppression. The UK’s new anti-terror legislation which gives police the discretion to shut down blogs that promote any “anti-democratic” ideology is the blueprint for this hardening, and no, the 1st Amendment will not protect you in the United States, no more than the Court of Human Rights will protect Europeans. The Reactosphere, which by this time may be a much larger enterprise, will have to retreat into what will likely be a hustling and bustling ‘darknet’ beyond the reach of most governmental agencies. It will also have hopefully grown to include physical ‘samizdat’ institutions and think-tanks which, even if banned outright, can exist underground. For a great article on the coming crackdown on free speech, see West Coast Reactionary, Adam Wallace’s latest essay.

the Nicadori
look them up

3: Spontaneous Heroism – Once stage 2 is in effect, our movement for sane Traditional government will only gain sympathizers and to a lesser extent, actual members. The mask will have fallen and the order will exist in a form that only has the external appearance of more strength, but is in fact weaker, for it will have shed any illusions of continuity from its supposed principles which have served as an effective camouflage for its operations. The freedoms it proclaims will only exist for some, those privileged high castes being exalted and buttressed today by every member of the yellow press and every politician. All kinds of calumnies and injustices will be heaped not only upon our heads, but upon the heads of anyone deemed to be either a threat or an obstruction to the increasingly insane elite. Because of this, there will be a flare of resistance that burns right up until the point of the eventual great coming apart of all civilization tied into the global mainframe. This resistance will be displayed in heightened and oftentimes violent incidents, some disorganized and momentary, others ominously confusing, their perpetrators disappearing quickly into the growing swell of general discontent from which these valiant actions will emerge. Such actions will not be revolutionary. They will be retributive and consolidating. It is in this resistance that man will regain in some small part his lost heroic virtue. This will initiate a ratcheting effect, as the elite who will lose popularity to infighting among interest groups and general inadequacies, will only instigate more fury when they try to clamp down on those who do justice. And so hastens the eventual disintegration of the Modern State. 

Let us say hypothetically that stages 1 and 2 have passed, and we exist in the ‘interesting times’ of stage 3, and you one day sit in a private gathering to hear a dissident luminary opine on some topic, whether it be the destruction of male headship and masculinity, the selling off of Occidental land into the hands of foreigners, the deprivation which will show no sign of relenting, or the lies and underhanded political tactics of our enemies. Let us say that this meeting is crashed by the rent-a-goons of the apes in charge, and by this point they may increasingly rely on ginned-up left wing mobs where they once relied on police. Like Mao’s China, they want people’s courts rather than military courts, but their ‘people’ are a smaller group and less competent. Then let us say that as these vipers move to stifle the Reactionary talk, something goes horribly wrong for them. Then you will know that the stage is truly set. Gone are the days of developmental digital posturing and the benevolence of party politics and overton windows that couldn’t be shattered. Then you will know that the animating spirit of past millenia has found us worthy of reward, and our enemies worthy of destruction. Then you will know that it will not be long, that the day of the Reactionary State, is not far off.


One thought on “When Will We Know?

  1. You will know when you are aggressively asked whether you are a “white supremacist,” ie., a tribal Christian, and the dis-ease with which both a denial and an affirmation will create signals the beginning of a “new reaction.”


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