Disciples of Collapse: A Thought Experiment

Readers interested in the ascendancy theory of ‘Prophetic Catastrophism‘ should definitely check out the latest Social Matter article by Mark Christensen, discussing the possibility of a coming end to easily accessible electricity and how responses on both the right and the left may determine how treacherous this period could potentially become. It’s a really excellent article and highlights that there are elements of the Left (namely the ‘eco’ Left) who are not entirely unprepared for this eventuality. Watch out for the Khmer Rouge wannabes!



One thought on “Disciples of Collapse: A Thought Experiment

  1. The limit of “collapse” is that it only seems to entertain the idea of material deprivation. There seems to be no discussion of the spiritual and intellectual collapse already transpired and the attended effect of a very large slave class. And it is in this very large slave class where a means of production is, by the mere existence of said slave class, nearly guaranteed. It's not taking to think in terms cf material collapse when the vast majority of consumers are in gluttonous mode. In other words, before a REAL material collapse can come about — and the slave class somehow decimated — there will first be a huge downsizing to “break-even” consumption FIRST. This cannot possibly do anything but stave off a collapse into deprivation.


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