Progressive Christianity is a Weak Tumor

In the news story from the Times Free Press which I will link to below, there has been an attack on a Georgia ‘church’. Now, I say ‘church’ because this supposed house of worship was in fact nothing of the sort. Well, certainly not the worship of the one Triune God anyway. The Metropolitan Community Church of Our Redeemer was vandalized with spray painted with the Leviticus commandment against sodomy. Why? Because not only was this church affirming of the abominable decision by the United States Supreme Court to force same-sex marriage upon the nation, but because it also features an unrepentant proud sodomite as its supposed mediator between man and the divine. It’s pretty clear the only ‘divine’ forces this ‘priest’ is mediating to are the Liberal authorities who are now making the persecution of Traditional Christianity their modus operandi.

Unfortunately, I’m sure there are many supposed believers who will condemn this action. They will decry it as hateful and so jump onto the bandwagon of sites like Thinkprogress who have used this to laughably declare that the only real persecution suffered by Christians in the West is that of Liberal Christians. These same people would have called Christ hateful for overturning the money changers’ tables all those years ago.

I want to begin in earnest by acknowledging the veritable hydra of enemies faced by the Faithful today. We have more enemies than one can count, from the secular media, to the left wing government, to the educational system, and on and on. I’m not ignoring those targets when I address the issue of Progressive Christianity. What I am saying is that if #Gamergate and the Hugo Awards controversies have anything to teach Christians, its that we have reached a stage where it is possible to knock out the low-tier enemies. Plucky Social Justice Warriors got the living tar beaten out of them in both of the aforementioned firestorms. The reason for this was their own ineptitude, the larger establishment’s lack of energy expended defending people like Anita Sarkeesian, and the conviction of the right on these issues that was like a fisherman when he knows he has a catch.

It’s unnecessary to bang on a drum that by this point is in danger of breaking, but I will anyway by reiterating that Progressive Christianity is dying out. At an almost epidemic rate, the usual suspects like Unitarian, Methodist, Episcopalian are falling off of demographic cliffs. It’s not to say the rest of Christianity is sailing on smooth waters, but these denominations are sinking somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

At every turn, it is these churches who have stabbed other Christians in the back. At every turn, they have proven that they worship at the altar of left wing politics, and not that of Christ. It doesn’t matter which issue you want to focus on, abortion, sodomy, women priests, etc. It almost does a disservice to yesteryear’s heretics to call these people heretics, but I will. The Catholic intellectual, Félix Sardà y Salvany said the following, 

Liberalism strikes at the very foundations of faith; it is heresy radical and universal, because within it are comprehended all heresies. In the practical order it is a radical and universal infraction of the divine law, since it sanctions and authorizes all infractions of that law.”

a more insidious enemy than any Islamic Fundamentalist

When orthodox teaching was established in the early years, Emperor Constantine prohibited the assembly of the heretics, this edict directed at various groups including the Montanists and Phrygia. In contrast to the Reformation’s holiness spiral, this was instead about ordering the Faith into a coherent unit so that it could develop and grow in accordance with the original teachings of the synergized Old and New Testament. The first laws against the heretics appeared under Emperor Theodosius I, who said of these deviant transgressors, 

“they shall be smitten first by divine vengeance and secondly by the retribution of our own initiative, which we shall assume in accordance with divine judgment.” 

As such what you might call a ‘reign of terror’ was unleashed on these elements at the command of the clerical class and backed up by the sovereign who recognized the danger posed by the heretical cults.

I propose we face an enemy of greater magnitude and crime than the early heretics, though ours is a different purpose and position for we are dealing with the larger meta-heresy, Liberalism. These sects do not pose a threat to the society in the same way (indeed they are part of its noxious supporting structure), but their continued existence is problematic for the Faith at large. Do not mistake my words, this is not about doctrinal disputes (a reductive and damaging route to travel down) otherwise I would as Orthodox be forced to condemn Catholicity and all Protestants as well. The goals are theopolitical rather than purely theological. If the Faith is to travel the route into parallelism in preparation for our re-emergence through the fire like the Golden Horde, then it has to define itself completely in contradiction to the decaying age, and so all middle ground must be blasted. Those who feign Christianity while serving Modernity are exceedingly weak and represent an easy domino to lean on with full force.

I call in the vaguest terms for pure action and letter. Liberal Christianity is a treacherous heresy which deserves a target over it. Call me “un-Christian” if you like, but know that I am in keeping with my forebears on this point. It is I who stands shoulder to shoulder with the martyrs of the battlefields for Christendom and those who brought our sacred Faith to dominate a continent from Lisbon to Vladivostok, It is in fact the detractors who have sold out to the Modernist perversion of the Faith that has as its stated purpose the complete destruction of Christianity, and subsequently all ancient religions that might pose opposition to the Cult of Progress. This is the legacy and plotting of those who hide crooked daggers behind their slick suits and disgraced vestments!

Awake ye few loyalists to every bullet point of Tradition! In the coming years, our religion must be one of clear distinctions. Those who devote their spirits to it are duty-bound to defend it against those who will cynically appropriate its most sacred elements. Know now that a long-time-coming self-defense doctrine has been declared. If you serve the current order and dare with such hubris to say “We are the true Christians! We are the compassionate Christians!”, then we will perceive this not as an act of friendly disagreement, but a declaration of war and all that this entails. What else could it be when one throws himself into collaboration with our enemies?

In a great article recently, Andrew Levinson decried his disloyal Catholic brethren. I extend this ecumenically, that all Christians might in this dark hour strike at the heart of the traitor who scorns us for our ‘intolerance’ on a daily basis. I hold true that if our most sacred traditions are to find their way through the epoch, then Liberal Christianity has to be destroyed, its adherents scattered to the winds and forced to confess their true object of worship, ‘Progress’.

you heard me, heretic
get the f*ck out of my religion!

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