We Hunted The Mammoth – Psycho Whores Gone Wild!

One finds that they occasionally have to trawl through the small contingent of websites that in one way or another, are active opponents of Reactionary thinking. Why? Well, mostly to mock. So far, (and I can’t stress this point enough) this is a minuscule operation with the control switches manned by very low level Social Justice Warriors. Most of the big fish are too concerned with battling waaycist Conservatives. One such website is ‘We Hunted the Mammoth’ which claims to act as a watchman on the ‘Manosphere’ and has as its mission taking down online misogynists. Now, putting aside that the Manosphere is larger by orders of magnitude than this site, and the Reactosphere broadly makes it look like a gnat, I thought it a fun Tuesday excursion from our more serious topics like Russian dissidents and various esoteric Reactionary philosophers, to give my readers a break from the usual formal style.

Why did I select this website for an analysis? Well, because their new last minute project is a drive to have Roosh Valizadeh banned from Canada. Let me give you some background on this hilarious new Social Justice Jihad.

Roosh V is probably the most well known, and high profile Manospheran, with many crediting him with the explosion in the online movement’s popularity. He published his first book in 2007 and runs a personal blog as well as the ‘Social Matter‘ of the Manosphere, ‘Return of Kings‘. Beginning with comprehensive guides on how to hack the new Feminist sexual economy, Roosh has since begun down a road of deep spiritual and ideological inquiry, as he related to Vox Day in a fantastic interview.

Fast forward to the present day, and Roosh has announced a World Tour starting in June where he will travel to Berlin, London, DC, New York, Montreal, and Toronto to impart his wisdom upon baying audiences (such events have in the past proved very popular to the surprise of SJWs). Well, we know what’s coming next…

nothing says smashing oppressive structures
like preventing the movement of individuals we don’t like!

A petition on the notoriously Liberal-used ‘change.org‘ calls upon the National Crime Prevention Center of Canada (which sounds like something from Minority Report) to ban Roosh from entering the country on the grounds that he propagates ‘hate speech’.

Some of my personal favorite takes from the petition:

Next month, he plans on coming to Canada for two dates – August 8 in Montreal, and August 15 in Toronto. WE MUST STOP HIM!”

It’s so urgent! You’d think Caliph Ibrahim and Jihadi John were coming to town. 

“Roosh V. is coming to Canada specifically for the purposes of violating section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code, which clearly prohibits gathering and organizing for the purposes of inciting hatred of an identifiable group. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has identified both Roosh and his website as hate-based, and the hateful misogynistic views that he is coming to Canada to disseminate are likely to breach public peace.”

Yes, Roosh has in fact found himself in the cross-hairs before of the Marxist front group, the ‘Southern Poverty Law Center’, which became notable when it inspired a man to try and shoot up the Family Research Council and murder pro-family activists. This evidence surely points out that Roosh has insidious plans to violate the Canadian Criminal Code!

“As a nation we have already decided that hate speech has no place in Canada. Hate is hate, and it is physically dangerous.  We must ensure that Roosh and his following are not allowed to flourish in the dark corners of our society”

Like some kind of new age gestapo, the SJWs apparently must ensure that these ideas are shut down and not allowed to grow. The only time this is ever admitted is when it is obvious that the ideas might prove immensely popular and thus the importance of squashing them raises the alert level to red. I finish with a cute quote from one of the signatories.

“I believe that preachers of evil must be stopped and silenced. Roosh V is a misogynistic arrogant and dangerous voice. Canada must dismiss him as such.”

Just remember, guys. It’s WE who are the fascists, right? The Left never tries to “stop” or “silence” their political enemies. No, never.

Well, the petititon may be a massive joke, but it has support from somewhere. Out of the 5000 target signatures, it already has 3116. The petition is being fueled by mainly foreign-run websites of both generally Liberal and also exclusively Feminist types. I want to look into the most laughable (the site which hates Roosh so much, the very mention of his name makes them gag), that is the SJW swamp ‘We Hunted the Mammoth’. It’s a site where you’d end up if you were fired from Gawker for being too boring, and then subsequently fired from Wonkette for being too mentally unstable.

Now, the website doesn’t like to link to any right wing blogs of any type as it gives them traffic, but I am a charitable Christian and feel pity for these people, so I’m going to link to their article where they promote the petition against Roosh to all of their readers! Here it is. You owe me one, mammoth hunters. Anyway, they don’t say much, other than to ratchet up the urgency of getting this petition signed by as many Feminazis and white knight cuckolds as possible before time runs out. Reports that most signatories were heavily overweight remain unconfirmed.

“[…] move quickly: Roosh says he’ll be heading to Canada well in advance of his talks there, “staying in Montreal for many weeks to find out whether it’s a good city to visit during the summer, when the European cities empty out and become full of tourists.” Indeed, it’s possible he’s already there, though signing the petition still sends a message or revulsion at his actions and beliefs.”

Alas, he might already be there and then all the gnashing of teeth and furious typing will have been nugatory! Well, even if the plot fails to bar Roosh from giving his seminars in Canda, where a similar attempt actually succeeded in getting relatively obscure pick-up artist, Julien Blanc, banned from the UK, at least they still have their pride thanks to a brand new commenting policy for their many incensed readers! Trust me, this is comedy gold when it comes to roller-coaster crashes of political correctness. You’ll understand the title of this post from this point on.

“It’s a bit long, but that’s in part because I’ve included sections that are designed to hopefully eliminate some of the contentious and often repetitive debates that have erupted in the past over the issue of ableism — in particular the use of words like “crazy” and “psycho” and the like. […] Not all of the changes and additions to the comments policy are in response to the ableism debates”

Well, it may seem like satire, but it isn’t. Ableism is a little like ‘cisgender’ in that it’s a word totally invented by SJWs because eventually you run out of insulting terms due to the dictionary not conforming to your own delusions of mass victimhood. Using terms such as “crazy” or “psycho”, even when directed at the hateful misogynists, is highly offensive to those suffering from mental health problems! And from the looks of things, that makes up 90% of the website’s readership, so I applaud their sensitivity.
“Don’t misgender anyone. If you do it accidentally, apologize and get it right the next time. If you do it deliberately, you’re out. […] Don’t attack anyone for their sexual preferences or kinks, so long as they involve consenting adults. Refrain from weird or creepy sexual oversharing. Whatever your opinion of sex work, don’t disparage sex workers, or use words like “whore” as a pejorative. (Feel free to talk about MRAs who are using the word pejoratively.)”
What could lead to the capital crime of “misgendering” someone? Well, if a guy has an icon picture featuring his great big bushy beard, and you refer to “him”, without taking account of the fact that out of frame he was wearing lingerie, you may be guilty and deserving of a stint in Leavenworth. Remember, people are whatever gender they wish to be, and they don’t need YOU misgendering them, you closet bigots! Also, don’t attack anyone for their sexual preferences. The caveat that they must be consenting adults will soon be lifted because everyone does ultimately deserve affirmation, be they lovers of animals or children or convectional ovens. We do draw the line at people posting their entire sex biography, but even this may be a little discriminatory against those with a fetish for posting their entire sex biography (as such this rule may be revised if guilt levels max out).
Here’s one people often overlook, if someone makes a career out of ‘sex work’, DO NOT under any circumstances call them a whore. Even though they are by the absolute and inescapable definition of the word, whores, this may trigger spastic micro-aggressive responses which can result in the need for LifeAlert and an emergency catheter, so please be considerate of the psycho whores… sorry, ably-challenged sex workers of ‘We Hunted the Mammoth’.
One last reminder. Sign the petition! Roosh has to be stopped from spreading his noxious hate to innocent Canadian minds! Of course, if we don’t succeed we’ll be a laughing stock, and if we do, Roosh will have the popularity-boosting credentials of actually being on a no-fly list, but disregarding this lose-lose proposition, it will definitely give Feminism a big boost if we can succeed in silencing an enemy. Forward, Comrades!
“Chuck, they banned me from Canada.”
“We can have you on the next flight to Bhutan instead. Pack your finest gho.”

3 thoughts on “We Hunted The Mammoth – Psycho Whores Gone Wild!

  1. Yes, I'm aware of it, and have used it as an invaluable resource. His long-form works don't get much attention though. This was the only full essay of his I could find that had been translated.


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