Liberalism’s Greatest Russian Collaberator

how ‘Russian’ can an Atheist Jew really be?

Much has been said of Garry Kasparov, the former Soviet chess grandmaster considered by many to be the best chess player in the world. He was born in Azerbaijan SSR in 1963 as Garik Kimovich Weinstein. He began is chess career in earnest in the late 70s, trained by well respected professionals, and went on to win more titles than can be counted on one hand, throughout both the Soviet Union and then the world at large. He remained devoted to chess through the dissolving of the USSR, and right up until his retirement in 2005 where he stated he wanted to pursue “politics and writing.”

So, why is his name coming up again today? Well, now Kasparov acts as the mouthpiece for the West’s fifth column inside Russia, the small contingent of activists comprised of various different interest groups who seek to ‘reform’ Russian democracy. That is, they want Vladimir Putin and his entire secretive political cabal which includes many individuals more right wing than himself, dismantled. They want Russia’s ‘Illiberal Democracy’ replaced with a Liberal one, which is really to say, geopolitics considered, that they want to enslave Russia to Western powers as has been done to almost every country in the former Soviet Union, most recently Ukraine.

These individuals are the agents of Western Imperialism writ large. Quite openly, they see the United States and Western Europe as the pinnacle of Enlightened thought, the bastions of freedom and goodness, the standard-bearers for Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’ to which every country must submit…. er, I mean ally… themselves to.

misty day
remains of the West’s ‘freedom’

It would be fair to say none of the names in this movement mean anything to most Westerners. Mikhail Khodorkovski, Boris Berezovsky, the names become a blur. One however, stands out in everyone’s mind because of his history as the renowned king of chess: Garry Kasparov, the head of the Oslo-connected ‘Human Rights Foundation’.

Because of this, every anti-Russian media operation has contracted Kasparov to say the same things over and over again on air, from the BBC to Glenn Beck. The story he sells is always identical.

“Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a one-man dictatorship, and this is the most dangerous and unstable form of government.”

– Kasparov to Bloomberg (2014)

Karsparov goes on in that particular interview to compare Russia to the Third Reich and talks about the ‘Crimean Anschluss’. The Hitler analogies are not unintentional ramblings, but very well calculated propaganda techniques. No other historical dictator gets the West’s back up like Adolf, and what he is hinting at is that by necessity, the West has to deal with Putin the same way they dealt with Hitler, through a total war of annihilation in which no doubt countless Russians, his supposed countrymen, would die.

This is all part of the co-ordinated strategy initiated by the West to break Russia apart piece by pieces and subjugate every one of its weaker composite parts as well as its natural satellites and borderlands to the yoke of not just ideological Liberalism, but also a geopolitical subjugation on the world stage to the leadership of the United States and the European Union. To secure this, Kasparov is willing to spin the most outrageous lies, including “Putin is more dangerous than ISIS and 1000 Al Qaedas“!

What can the West be so utterly terrified of as to resort to such extravagant calumnies? Surely there is something they fear since in their previous jihads of Liberalization, such rhetoric was only rarely if ever used. This goes far beyond the dementia-induced rants of Senator John McCain and the machinations of the US State Department. This instead has a deeper ideological current bigger than the to and fro of geopolitics and grandstanding. I contest that Liberals in the West, the inner ideologues of Modernism, have sniffed out something rather dangerous in Russia which amasses behind Vladimir Putin’s ‘iron throne’, likely without the strongman’s knowledge. It is a theopolitical awakening. In the past, the West could almost always rely on a downtrodden public to turn to them with outstretched hands asking for help. Today however, most Russians despise the West. Those who are pro-Western find themselves the victim of a popular revolt in the minds of the populace. Within this undisciplined milieu, there is a contingent of those who are entirely against what Kasparov preaches, not just what he secretly works for.

Through the positive actions of incredibly tactical ultra-Rightists in Russia, the post-Yeltsin youth are coming to see even Vladimir Putin as not right enough. He’s an anti-Western president for sure, but he’s not a Tsar. Long denied, the Russian regal current still exists. It is entwined with the soul and destiny of the nation, something that Lenin’s brightest minds had no hopes of cracking for it was beyond the reach of bayonets and worldly tortures.

the Russia Kasparov so hates

Putin himself is incidental. What Kasparov truly hates is what perpetuates his power in Russia, which however much the Liberal fifth column likes to assert, is not the fear of a brand new secret police who will make any journeys Kasparov takes to Russia a “one way trip”. There is no popular resistance to the governmental trajectory of Russia, not beyond its wealthy dissidents who have fled the country with their money. Truly, I ask my many readers from the country itself, can this Atheist Jew (he calls himself ‘disinterested’ in his own declared Christianity, which is really an affirmation of apostasy) born in Azerbaijan truly have the soul of the Russian people in his heart? I don’t say this to play on flagrant anti-semitism, but to instead highlight a truth. If a foreigner is so staunchly scathing of a nation’s true spirit exemplified in its pre-‘Enlightened’ past, those eternal virtues of Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality, can that foreigner have anything but destructive and hostile intent to the people themselves? Remember, it was foreigners who brought the virus of Marxism to Holy Russia and set an inferno which burned millions of Russian Christian brothers and sisters, men women and children, all in the name of ‘freeing’ the workers. Kasparov in his servitude to Western media really isn’t much different. Another Utopian Leftist selling the wares and slogans of his paymasters in the black heartlands of the Western Empire.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu said in response to being betrayed by Aurel Vernichescu, someone he thought a friend, “Our nation always had its fair share of traitors.”

It turns out, Russia does too.

{Edit: I include this video for sheer epic factor. A sharp dismissal of the Kasparovians and their Western backers.}


4 thoughts on “Liberalism’s Greatest Russian Collaberator

  1. It's hard to actually find out why such things happen ultimately, but my guess is that during his many international travels, Kasparov was the recipient of a wealth of attention from the Liberal elite of the Western world. When he did return, he was likely aghast to find people who wanted to drag Russia back to a pre-'Enlightened' era and denied the goodness of the Liberal West. As such, he because a Liberal stooge. He has been 'converted' to the international religion of Modernism, the most proselytize-centric cult on the planet.


  2. It is interesting to observe the resurgence of traditional culture in the post USSR Russia. The Western Progressivism standard line is that after two generations of atheist social engineering directing literally every aspect of Russian daily life that tradition and religion are dead. It is quite the opposite. The strongest and fastest growth in the interest of the pre-communist value set is among those born after the collapse.
    It remains to be seen if this interest in traditionalism can be transformed into a social mechanism. But knowing Russian as I do, if pushed between the choice of czarist monarchy and decadent democracy, I'd bet they opt for the Romanovs.


  3. There are a few issues to contend with. The Romanovs have no clear line of descent to rally around and there is a huge disagreement over who would claim the monarchical title. Although there is an upswing in support for some kind of monarchy, that doesn't necessarily correspond to the Romanov dynasty.

    Also, it's good to be modest in observations and reporting. There is a very general rejection of democracy in Russia, and support of a strongman. Putin's support (contrary to Western media) is very much real and broad. This general current should not be confused with a smaller and more hidden shift in favor of Traditional structures. That cadre is still very much a minority, but one that is flourishing behind the scenes and working to gain influence high within the power structure.

    With these things in mind, I would say the mechanical structure for returning Russia to Tradition are there, but they still have some ways to go before the goal is realized.


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