Parallel Blueprint to Victory

like it or not, believe it or not
these are the real winners of the culture wars
Various issues mean that I’m currently too swamped to finish my first race-focused essay, so this week’s entry refers back to Dreher’s ‘Benedict Option‘ (for readers’ interest, I am currently banned from Dreher’s comments section for being too radical according to the Liberal vultures there who attack Dreher anyway, but like a good little whipping boy he obeys their wishes and bans a fellow Christian). So much for solidarity against the prevailing Liberal culture. Thanks, Rod.
Anyway, what exactly is the problem with the ‘Benedict Option’? Simply put, it is not radical enough. It is a rather weak and yet timely call for Christians to abandon all attempts to save the dying excuse for a culture that the West has, and withdraw with a focus on ascetic preservation of our tradition against the secular onslaught. This is where I agree with Dreher and his acolytes. It is indeed impossible for Christians to ‘save’ or ‘reform’ the culture. It is on a destined collision course with its own destruction, set into motion long before any of us were alive. Especially using the joke of the democratic process, this is a folly for Christians to even attempt.
I would argue however that the solution is not the same as, or more accurately put, exclusive to, the Benedictine practice of isolated hamlets of the Faith trying as best they can to keep the Tradition alive. There is also a more heroic, masculine transition to be undertaken. The solution for us is not much different from the solution that Muslim immigrants to Europe have exemplified.
We call this the ‘parallel society’. This is not the creation of a hermit kingdom, it is the creation of entirely separate and hostile social system that runs alongside the main culture. In analyzing the cultural habits of European Muslims, one finds some common threads:
1) They practice the kind of self-segregation Dreher espouses, with their own schools, exclusively Muslim social groups, and in some cases even their own methodological justice system.
2) They actively teach their children to be enemies of the host country in which they live, to wage a constant battle with it. They do not see their nation’s police, doctors, politicians, etc. as their own.
3) They engage in vigilante actions against their own members who fall into disfavor, stray from Islam, or become political sellouts. Such people find no comfortable home in Muslim communities.
4) They develop a completely tribal identity and loyalty where they are willing to lie to anyone if it means protecting and preserving their own community, and safeguarding its leaders in particular.
5) Democratic institutions are only used when they can bring advantage in the form of bloc voting, and are ridiculed in any other circumstance.
6) They do not shrug off foreign help when it is offered. A French Muslim will have far more rapport and camaraderie with an Algerian than one of his native countrymen.
Because of these six points and others, European Muslims have devised a very powerful and effective means of not only cultural survival, but of cultural growth and a trajectory to eventual dominance of the kind they have in North Africa initially, and the Middle East in the long run. Notice that in summation, this approach is much more openly hostile than the one which Dreher espoused, and I would argue it is this aggressive nature that determines longterm stagnation or longterm victory.
So why doesn’t Dreher want a truly parallel society to develop? Because he may have given up on Conservatism, but instead of becoming a Reactionary, he has become a complete social isolationist. Oh, he doesn’t want to participate in democracy and all the other Liberal institutions, but he certainly doesn’t want to see them destroyed! No, he just wants to live in peace and ride out the storm.
What he fails to realize is that this storm has been raging for almost 300 years. We have weathered it in peace where possible, but what has this brought us? Nothing. Simply sending your child to a Christian school is not going to cut it, not at this point.
Christians primarily need to start raising their children on two essential doctrines of this struggle.
1) You are Christian, you were born Christian, you will die Christian.
2) The world is not Christian. The world is your enemy.
On these tenets will the future of Traditional Christianity rest. If we the Faithful can instill this into our children and construct while enduring all pains and humiliations, the institutions and pillars to hold together this great house, then we will eventually reap the same benefits that the Muslims have. We will with great effort see our birth demographics swell. We will find employment no hard task amongst our own who will be biased towards us and hostile towards outsiders. We will grow communities from nothing, first a street, then a village, first a city block, then a capital. As our enemy chokes on his decadence and his relative lack of social support from those who throw in with his camp (the perils of individualism), we will flourish for it will be the Christian priority to help his brother, to vouch for him, to educate him in youthful naivety and carry for him in infirm old age. Our churches will act as a central nexus of not just the spiritual life, but for an entire self-contained tribe of people.
this can only ever be part of the answer
Kristor over at the Orthosphere pens a great article on Breaking Sex. In it he describes how essential sex is to the flourishing life of a human society, and not just in the obvious sense. Myriad facets in our lives revolve around the creation of children. I encourage all readers to take this article’s points to heart. The first building block of a solid Christian parallel society is repairing our own sexual economy. This is not about repairing an Occidental sexual economy, but about repairing a Christian Occidental sexual economy. To be honest, the rest of the West can go to demographic hell in irrelevancy. All the better for us. Let this be a starting point for an ongoing discussion about an effort we should all share in. That is, in the wake of Liberalism’s tsunami-like advance, we are to forge an entirely alternate way of life, not limited to the stone walls of monasteries and the candles lit by devout monks, but in youth associations, in our own political crusade outside of democracy, and in the heroism founded in love of tribe.
When the government of the United Kingdom passes some debauched law, do the Muslims of that country care? Do they gnash their teeth and rub beads wondering what persecutions are to come? No! They shrug their shoulders, for what do the rulings of the secular mass culture matter? Any Muslim who obeys these statutes, who puts his loyalty to the state over that of the ‘ummah’ (Islamic community) is immediately ostracized as an apostate. This process only intensifies with generations. While today’s youngest Occidental Christians are the weakest in their faith, and the most ignorant of its teachings, it is the youngest Muslims of today who are the strongest in their faith, and the most devout to the letter of their law. If we can replicate this success in our own religion, we have a future, we have a roadmap to an eventual victory. If not, we will fade into utter obscurity and eventual extinction, whether or not Rod Dreher votes notwithstanding.

In German, the term ‘parallel society’ (parallelgesellschaft) is defined as “the self-organization of an ethnic or religious minority, often immigrant groups, with the intent of a reduced or minimal spatial, social and cultural contact with the majority society into which they immigrate.” Consider Occidental Christianity as a diaspora, not in geography, but in time. We are refugees of a lost kingdom. Modernity has nothing to give us and nothing to teach us, and thus we have no quarter with its citizenry. They are unclean to us, and should be unclean to our children as well.

Let me summarize with this message to Rod Dreher. True Christianity in the face of the current threat cannot be inactive, it must be reactive. Inactivity is simply not an option.
the message is clear
if we do not react, then we will be absorbed by those who do

(Alan Roebuck wrote a compelling response to my essay over that the Orthosphere. Be sure to check it out)

5 thoughts on “Parallel Blueprint to Victory

  1. Excellent article. I think too many of us are in thrall to the bourgeois morality and complacency that is The American Way of Life. A little suffering will go a long way in remedying that.


  2. You need a way to keep the larger society from living off the children you produce, through Social Security. If parents own an unincorporated business and hire their non-adult children to work in it, the children do not pay any SS tax on their income (so as long as you have under-18 children around to pay, you can avoid any of the family income going to pay SS.) there are other mechanisms as well. But it requires one thing: that the group be stronger than the lure of money. The Feds have profited by betting that their fiat dollars are a stronger lure than clan or tribe. The coming persecution might change that calculus,


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