It is Time to Kill Conservatism

Another article was supposed to be produced for this week, entitled ‘Racial Kryptonite’, however I have decided to sling that on the back-burner for the moment, and instead turn immediate attention to the Conservative movement, which right now is a floundering mess.

You only have to go to the comments section of Conservative media giant Breitbart to find the so-called ‘right’ in disarray, and Liberals raising the flags of victory… yet again. Of course, this time it is in response to a variety of gross displays. The illegitmate judiciary of America has upheld sodomite marriage in all fifty states, right after upholding Obamacare for a second time, and what’s worse another predictable installment of Republican politicians doing Obama’s bidding in Congress, this time concerning a trade deal. None of it is surprising, none of it is particularly interesting, but all of it can serve as a full stop to the pathetic Conservative ideology, if we allow it to be. This isn’t hyperbole or vague wishes. I’m issuing a Fatwa against Conservatism.

For the first 100 years after the Enlightenment, or thereabouts, people inclined towards Rightist politics were Reactionaries first and foremost. They hated what was happening to society and sought correctly to re-instate the role of monarchy and church in the civic life of Occidental peoples. This gradually fell apart as the collective memory of pre-Enlightenment societal modes faded. What replaced it was the honey trap of Conservatism.

I have in past posts (1, 2) opined on why I despise Conservatism, being a former Conservative myself. It is the ultimate waste of manpower, time, and money. It is the pacifier that the Left feeds the Right to save its own skin and allow itself to continue ruining human civilization and corrupting spiritual man. The Rightist is unfortunately a political animal of instinct, and is thus easily misled it seems. With failure after failure, the case for where these instincts have led us today gets weaker and weaker.

What the particular result of the same-sex marriage culture war provides is what we might deem the perfect demonstration, making it more significant than a intra-party betrayal or another Obamacare ruling. Conservatives did everything right in this political battle. In response to what was considered at the time a psychopathic Massachusetts high court ruling that legalized same-sex unions in that state, Conservatives went to the voters in a majority of states and got through via referendums, state constitutional bans on the practice. In the true spirit of what they preach on talk radio, Conservatism sought the will of the people and got it, in many cases by a landslide. What they didn’t realize is that the public are fickle, judges are activist, and a president has a massive amount of persuasive power. There seemed very few avenues which might have secured the place of normal marriage in American society more concretely than what Conservatives actually succeeded in doing. Yet they still lost.

Here is the lesson: you cannot win within a closed system that does not allow for anti-Liberal policies to stand for any grand length of time. No, sodomite marriage isn’t in the Constitution, and of course the Founding Fathers would have considered its proponents clinically insane, as would the authors of the Fourteenth Amendment used to justify this recent decision. But that doesn’t matter! The document is ‘living and breathing’ precisely because it is a Liberal document. Conservatives can try to sanctify it as an unalterable religious text all they like, but the fact remains that it is the beginning of all problems concerning Liberalism in America today. It is, regardless of how much Conservatives revere it, as much a Liberal document as a Jean-Paul Marat article.

The message to Conservatives from Liberals in the wake of this and other things seems clear: “Even if you win, eventually you will lose! #HateLoses #LoveWins!”

“I can’t believe we lost!”
“Of course we lost, dumbass. You thought Republicans would change anything?”

What better time to really push to do away with Conservatism altogether, to proselytize to these despondent losers that there is a way to defeat the Left, and it lies outside the system that your enemies tell you to work within, the sandbox to which you are consigned while they sneer and point from the sidelines. Practically, what does this entail?

1) Infiltrate Conservative media outlets: Can be done with no real effort. Agitate against Liberals and democracy where Conservatives go for their news. Denounce the system as rigged and our enemies in the worst possible terms. This generates a climate in which the more radical Conservatives will gravitate towards your position, and the more moderate voices will be isolated.

2) Always create a Reactionary tunnel: This process can be accurately described as ‘Reactionary Tunneling’, that is to introduce links to the Reactosphere where relevant, and even sometimes where not relevant. People generally like clicking ‘source’ links. It makes them feel like they are “doing their research”. Essential to maximizing the effectiveness of this strategy is a tighter tunnel system between Reactionary websites. Link to other works more often, on your website if you have one, and in your own articles and comments. By doing this, Conservatives who visit these far right opinion pages out of curiosity, will be enticed to read more and more, and eventually we would hope to convince them into becoming Reactionaries themselves.

3) Never under any circumstances praise current political leaders: It doesn’t matter if you admire some Conservative politician, if not for his positions then his integrity and character, do not praise these individuals. This engenders more useless politician-worship on the part of Conservatives and helps nourish the delusion that their votes actually alter the state of play.

4) Incite anger: Always highlight the worst elements of our enemy, his most outrageous statements, his most debauched actions, and extrapolate them to his entirety. Show Conservatives that this is what the Left is, and even if some Leftists are not like this, they will be given a few years, or more likely months looking at the speed of current ideological mutagenics among Liberals.

5) Don’t get bogged down: We aren’t there to argue and waste our time on something that will not benefit us in the long run. If a moderate begins to argue with you, do not respond unless there is a clear reason to (like if their objection appears sound and might dissuade people from your own argument).

 Nicolás Gómez Dávila

“Today’s conservatives are nothing more than liberals who have been ill-treated by democracy”. These are the words of the Colombian Reactionary thinker, Nicolás Gómez Dávila. It is apt I think. And today they are more ill-treated by democracy than ever before. Ask them, why they are taken for fools by the people who want to destroy them? Would they treat a foreign enemy this way, who had such plans for the “fundamental transformation” of their society? Why do they not have as much scorn for the traitor within? By contrast the Reactionary can only hate the political system which denies his political worldview’s total domination. Ours is a worldview that has the two strongest ideological grounding factors: coherence with reality and nature, and submission to the will of God. With this in mind, we can see our enemy’s victories in all their forms only as mutilations, treasons, unmentionable evils committed against humanity itself. The problem for the Conservative is that he does not frame his political apprehensions in as stark terms as these. He views the political battle almost as a board game.

In general, there will be a large percentage of any population who are vulnerable to Leftism, easily swayed by its utopian promises and grievances against Tradition.Our divinely given political task is to cut out this evil where necessary, control, subjugate, and baffle it when possible. This is the task of those who are spiritually oriented towards Right Wing thinking. Now that the Left controls all of the halls of power to disastrous effect, and as we move into an age of chaos and turmoil, the final chapter in this grand cosmic cycle, the Right must be regiment and unified in our struggle. We cannot afford for Conservatism to continue in its existence, at least not in any meaningful sense. The Conservative ideology saps the Right of its willpower and strength, repackaging it into a weak and useless defense through which our enemies can ram with impunity.

Give Conservatives the alternative, the true solution to the cancer of Liberalism, the realities that have for too long gone unspoken due to the censoring hand of polite acceptability, and those among them with the capacity for our truly counter-revolutionary ideals will come forth and declare themselves to be Reactionaries.

how else do they plan to deal with this?

For more concerning the court ruling, these come highly recommended:


10 thoughts on “It is Time to Kill Conservatism

  1. The Republican governors could have talked about nullification and defied this ruling, but they moved right into talking about protecting religious freedoms. They are worse than useless- going forward there will probably be religious persecutions, and then they'll say vote for them or it will happen again.


  2. The history of Conservatism is a shopping list of fall-back positions. Whenever they say “we can no longer fight this, let us instead focus our energy on this more important rear-guard goal instead!”, rest-assured, that is the next thing that will be surrendered in short order.


  3. The word Reactionary might be a little scary for some Conservatives. One way to begin reviving Rightist ideology within the Republican Party would be to get rid of ineffective “Conservative” spokesmen like Lowry and Priebus.


  4. The Right already is getting more and more radicalized. I think there was a poll recently that said half support secession. This is not to say those folks are becoming reactionaries like we are, as they are often attempting to secede to create more a slightly more right-wing liberal democratic state that will then succumb to today's leftism in its own time. However, I do think now is the right time to attempt to push the conversation amongst those right-of-center further to a Reactionary position: It's ripe for it. In fact, if we had a presence in the public square of ideas, I have little doubt that most conservatives would already be in our camp. And leftists' panties would be in a bunch, which would be hilarious.


  5. Precisely. In response to the rise of Arab Socialism, the radical schools of Islam in Saudi Arabia developed a mission statement which was that Muslims must be radicalized in order to fight off this cultural cancer being imported from the west. There was no room for moderate Islam. So too can there be no room for moderate rightism, or indeed moderate Christianity.


  6. while im also a former “conservative” and current reactionary whatever that means. I am afraid you have to take your logic and im afraid the reactionary movement a step farther. Christianity is inherently leftist.It doesn't matter that there were periods in history where it was “just right” so was the enlightenment about 1760-1790[ I wont pick a side on monarchy ] but about that side monarchy aside it was a sort of libertarian reactionary paradise egalitarian applied to propertied white male adults. I dont know how you keep the movement going without admitting religion as argument anymore than you get Land to admit hes as much a racist as the rest of us but until then we are vulnerable to the same arguments as conservatism in fact im not sure what difference except what era conservative


  7. Unfortunately Nate, this kind of thinking is prevalent due to the prominence of Reactionary critique in the underground tech culture, typically present in Liberal urban bastions. As such, many so-called 'Reactionaries' are beholden to atheism or even committed to reviving Odin worship.

    As I have said on multiple occasions, I believe in Christianity's truth. I believe that Reactionary politics are moral politics. As such, it follows that Christianity is in fact Rightist, as are pretty much all Ancient Religions. Any appearances of Leftism are either heresies or misapprehensions. Christianity in its politically dominant form has for the VAST majority of its history been Rightist in its governance, and the occasions where it was leftist, it was quickly robbed of all relevance and political power.


  8. Yes, it's just annoying to run across these people in the Reactionary Right. It's mindbogglingly simple-minded and foolish. Yes, in some ways liberalism is a religious heresy (though not peculiarly Christian), but that doesn't mean that, somewhere deep down on the inside, Christianity is Leftist anymore than Christianity is really deep down Arianism because Arius pointed to a few Bible verses.

    Part of the problem lies in the fact that Christians do attempt to grapple with some of the things that the Left grapples with that hardcore rightists despise. Christianity does indeed make universal claims and is hostile to other worldviews, and demands that other tribes be adsorbed into Her. Hardcore Nationalists despise this supposed assault on their particularity, but I think it's merely grappling with the fact of Truth. While we are all entitled to our particular cultures and ethnic heritage, there is an overarching Truth in the world that does transcend even those very important boundaries. You can err by either denying the universal Truth (Odinist-type Nationalists and Postmodern Left) or by destroying particularity with the zeal for a flawed universal (the Modernist Left).

    The Odin folks I find hilarious, though. They're usually actually naturalists too, but they delude themselves into thinking that Norse pagans didn't actually believe the myths but saw their gods as “natural forces” of some kind. It's like, no, of course they believed the myths about Thor and Odin and Freya and whatever other pagan gods. They weren't “enlightened” scientific thinkers.


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