Ukraine and the Black Hundreds

Petro Poroshenko
Western puppet and enemy of Reaction

An excursion now into the world of practical geopolitics. While there is no official Reactionary position on the current conflict in Ukraine between Russia and the post-coup government in Kiev, it is fair to say that most Reactionaries have backed Russia in the conflict, and admire the staunch opposition to Western imperialism as represented by Vladimir Putin.

I will go further, and say today that it is without a doubt that a stance against the ‘Maidan Revolution’ should be the official Reactionary position, and let me give you the reasons why this is the case.

1) The coup itself was bought and paid for by American and EU interests with the end goal of expanding NATO at Russia’s expense. This needless act of aggression which has resulted in thousands of deaths is a blatant act of imperialism cloaked in the usual but increasingly less convincing dress of spreading ‘freedom and democracy’. See the links below for conclusive evidence that this is a Western-dominated and not a ‘grassroots’ phenomenon. Payoffs, agitations, outside money and personnel. It’s all there.

2) There is no right wing in Ukraine, to speak of. Some have been hesitant to support Russia because of the previously popular rightist movements in Ukraine such as Right Sector and Svoboda. Both of these are in utter disarray and colluding with the puppet elements in the government. They could have, during the revolution, seized power for themselves. They didn’t, and as such are now irrelevant stooges. Even other right wing organizations in countries like Hungary and Greece were quick to drop support for them in light of this buffoonery.

3) Already, we are seeing the long arm of cultural imperialism take hold. Under the previous Russia-friendly government for example, there had been virtually no successful sodomite rallies in the still very religious country of Ukraine. Today under Poroshenko, not only does one go ahead in Kiev, but he defends it

This makes clear that Russians who warned that closer relations with the West meant eventually the imposition of same-sex marriage, were absolutely correct. This is only the beginning, and Poroshenko will prove an invaluable ally to European cultural terrorist organizations (sometimes known as NGOs) which will flood into the newly ‘liberated’ Ukraine. Expect the return of Feminazi group FEMEN to the country after they were promptly kicked out by former president Viktor Yanukovych.

this is Poroshenko’s Kiev

With these three points in mind then, it is incumbent upon Reaction to denounce the Ukrainian coup and expose it for what it is: the sale of Ukraine to Modernist Western powers who are keen to rape its culture and use it as a forward operating base for their military expansionism. Ukraine is now effectively a puppet state controlled by our most loathsome enemies. Whatever Russia’s foibles, it can never be charged with that crime. All I can see are reasons to support the Russian invasion of the state, with no adequate reasons to oppose it. We must remember, the governments of the West are Reaction’s enemies and as such in most cases it is our prerogative to oppose their foreign policy prescriptions which are typically offensive exports of the democratic and Liberal cancers. To the Ukrainian I ask, are you happy with the revolution? Are you happy to see what Poroshenko is already doing to your country in the name of ‘free speech’? Are you happy that the motives behind the Maidan were largely your countrymen wanting to easily flee the country for the creature comforts of the West, as many Poles and Romanians have done since joining the European Union? Is this a nationalist revolution?! No, I tell you. It is a Liberal revolution. If you want to know who the true traitors are to the Ukrainian people, it is the Liberals. Whatever their motives, the Russians do a virtuous thing in hunting them down, for Ukraine and for the world.


While we are on this topic, I am jubilant to tell you of an exciting development in the eastern-most enclaves of the Occident. The pre-Leninist Russian Reactionary organization known as the ‘Black Hundreds’ has apparently re-surfaced. Many will likely have never heard of this group, but it was a prolific presence in Tsarist Russia and stood for Reactionary principles in defending the Traditional structure of Russian political and civic life from revolutionaries of all stripes who were streaming across the border as agitators. Out of the nationalist fervor currently gripping Russia, the Black Hundreds have emerged again as a militant force fighting on the battlefields of Ukrain’s Luhansk and Donetsk breakaway regions. Their stated goals are admirable indeed! establishing Russia as a mono-ethnic state and renewing the unity between the state and the Russian Orthodox church, as in Tsarist times; and protecting Russia against those who hate Christ.” The leader has declared that his growing battalion of Russian extremists has undying loyalty to the principles of “monarchy, empire and Eastern Orthodox Church.” 

the original Black Hundreds were indispensable to the Tsar
and were heavily involved in the heroic White Army during the revolution 

As expected, Western loyalists are very concerned about the rise of groups like this from the ultra-nationalist milieu, for they represent a factional cause that was long thought to have been extinguished. These concerns are well founded, and yet while they fill our enemies with worry, they may fill us with exultation. Indeed, once the fighting against the puppet government of Ukraine is completed, such groups will march back into Russia, armed and trained. This may be the beginnings of an Orthodox incarnation of Hezbollah (the Shi’ite militia that holds great sway in Lebanon). These are momentous times indeed! I must give acknowledgment and formal endorsement to other groups who fight for our holy political cause in Ukraine, these being the ones I have looked into that have participated in the conflict.

Russian Orthodox Army

A religious battalion with considerable influence in Donetsk, it currently has over 4000 active fighting members, mostly recruited from ethnic Russians living in Eastern Ukraine.

Legion of St. Stephen

One of the many foreign divisions that have entered the fray to help their anti-Modern allies, the Legion of St. Stephen hails from Hungary, and so is likely a radical Catholic militia! Very reminiscent of the Orthodox Legion of the Archangel Michael which helped the Catholic rightists in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. An exact number of fighters in unknown.

 Jovan Šević Detachment

The Russians can always rely on the Serbs for support. This is a subdivision of the Chetnik forces, militant nationalists that have existed since the WWII period where they fought in the ethnic wars of Yugoslavia. Boasting 250 fighters, most have now returned to Serbia during the lull in the fighting.

National Radical Camp Falanga 

Another rightist Catholic grouping, hailing from Poland and under the command of Bartozs Bekier. This is a militant offshoot of the Polish political organization of the same name. The number of fighters is likely less than 30, but Falanga have provided other forms of support to the separatist governments.

 Eurasian Youth Union

Aleksandr Dugin’s group, which includes a militarized division that is dissolved among several larger militia battalions, was officially banned from Ukraine because it was deemed such a threat to Modernist interests. It is likely to have several hundred operatives working to advance Dugin’s ‘Fourth Political Theory’ among the pro-Russian rebels.

Although it may be dangerous to do so, as many Western governments have blacklisted these organizations and have in some cases criminalized them entirely, I put at least my own Reactionary voice behind their efforts to push back the Modern march to colonize the east and turn it into the same kind of cultural cesspool that they have reduced the rest of the Occident to. The re-emergence of the Black Hundreds and the presence of these fighting organizations in the war for Ukraine are very positive signs. They show what is possible when the geopolitical situation is tilted in our favor. As the conflict comes to a head, with Russia legitimately owning the Crimea, as well as Luhansk and Donetsk and perhaps other territories, these groupings will in my opinion prove invaluable to our struggle as they bring the fight to new frontiers and aid in the creation of similar organizations further west. My hope is that one day, ‘Black Thousands’ will carry the banner of the cross like a tide sweeping all of the Occident and breaking her from the shackles of the ‘Enlightenment’.

No Occidental nation is free from the blood pact of Christendom. Betray this history at your own peril. 

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