The Benedict Option

It’s not often (really ever) that I link to a non-Reactionary article from this blog, but I will make an exception for this piece by ‘The Week”s Damon Linker. Titled ‘The Benedict Option: Why the religious right is considering an all-out withdrawal from American politics‘. In it, Linker outlines the growing popularity of the rather moderate cultural-secessionist approach being gently pushed by popular ‘The American Conservative‘ columnist, Rod Dreher.

Essentially, it is clear the culture wars are over and Liberals won. Who didn’t see that coming? But now what happens to the remaining millions of Christians in America who aren’t so keen to abandon their beliefs to the ever-growing disdain of the popular culture and the long arm of secular law? Dreher’s Benedict Option, which focuses on preserving a Christian subculture that is non-participatory in electoral politics, is a refuge for the battered culture warriors of the right, many of whom have lost their love for a country that has revealed its true anti-Christian colors. Patriotism is starting to taste sour. But it’s not enough to simply close the shop windows. Linker writes…

“There’s so far no sign of it developing in an irresponsible direction”

Enter Reaction. Us. Once they witness many of their churches buckle to a state that is keen to capitalize on ground it has already made, once they see through charlatan morons like Glenn Beck, once they understand that the Christian religion is completely antithetical to ‘the West’, then a large number of these ‘Christian Conservatives’ will start to see things our way. And just in time to cause some real problems for what will be, by then, a thoroughly weakened state.


2 thoughts on “The Benedict Option

  1. Christian Conservatives have got a LONG, LONG way to go. They focus their wrath on a handful of people, number one being Obama. Yet they still support the military establishment and Republicans. I had one defend VP Cheney the other day. At this late date and after all the info easily found on the internet? When I point out the obvious that the underlying structure is rotten and that shuffling a few people around at the top via 'democratic elections' has not made and will not make any difference, I get blank stares. Perhaps the small sample I meet every Sunday is not representative.


  2. Unfortunately, it is representative. Such is the problem of Conservatism and why it is a useful tool used by Liberals to co-opt natural rightists into the democratic system which inherently favors left wing drift. The key is to convert Christian Conservatives into Christian Reactionaries.


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