Somnambulists Must Become Subversives

okay, now kick that Ukrainian bitch
in the back of her head

This post harks back to my essays ‘Reaction Involves Action‘ and also ‘The Art of Blasphemy & Cultural Degeneration‘. Again, I feel compelled to address the need for low level action on the part of the Reactionary right, and indeed more broadly, the need for faithful Christians to awaken to the war being waged, placing their efforts at the disposal of the right side.

I do not want to post any more content on the soon-to-be mentioned abomination than absolutely necessary, but the link below takes you to an article describing one of the most brazen attacks on our Faith by the enemy in a long time (which in this age means about a year give or take). A disgusting and depraved Norwegian degenerate used an Oslo church under false pretenses to film a diabolical video of sodomy taking place within the domain of worship.

Now, we can take some solace in one thing, he was subsequently fired from hosting some kind of children’s television show. In Sweden, he wouldn’t have been. I want to put aside the question of why any bishop of sound mind would even give him a minute filming any kind of music video on holy ground, and also the question of how legitimate an institution the state Church of Norway actually is. The concern here is more symbolic than with regard to true theological qualms.

Here we have the latest in a long, long, almost endless string of abuses perpetrated against our faith traditions in particular, by the eternal enemies of God: the Modernists, the Liberals, the destroyers of culture, under their pathetic guise of liberty.

the desecration of the Christian Faith is a no-consequences
pastime for the left

And what is the response? Well, some murmuring about how shocking and inappropriate it was. A violation of trust. It’s funny, we never really take serious attacks on our culture as compared to attacks on individuals within a culture. Had this craven little pervert stabbed the bishop of Oslo, there would be an outcry, but when he takes a knife to the church, to the Faith itself? The response is barely a blip on the radar. This not only applies to religion, but to ethnicity and the cultural milieu at large. We have, in contrast to our ancestors, simply tuned out these attacks  as unimportant spasms of the free consciousness, the end result of our utopian ideal of free speech for all, even the despicable. Only attacks on individuals are given any credence. 

Christians who hold this mindset are embracing lunacy, and wittingly or unwittingly allowing that most devious of heresies, Liberalism, to dominate their political and social life. They are condemning themselves to an endless sleepwalk and utter uselessness to the political cause of justice and righteousness, which is of course considered to be the cause of ‘intolerant madmen’, as told by our paid media liars.

The Reactionary can recognize no dividing line between the attacks on individuals and the attacks on the culture at large. Every assault on the history and ingrained beliefs of the Occidental people is in fact a greater crime than the actions of individual leftists, who might mob a conference discussing, for instance, the continued destruction of young men at the hands of the feminist initiative. Yes, of course these attacks that can be plainly and obviously characterized as attacks should be repelled, but why do we not respond in the same way when the victim is the culture, when the victim is Traditionalism which necessarily charges each and every one of us with its defense?

When the left tears down and desecrates that which is holy and good to us, why does the right sit passively, looking down at quivering hands with not a single idea of what to do, as if the left were some invulnerable shibboleth that cannot be damaged? The left have suffered at the hands of the right before, heroically defeated by the Spanish and Portuguese rightists who crushed them underfoot and subdued their serpentine treachery for a time in the last century. We are not called to even 1/10th of their greatness at this time, but are we honestly called to sit on our hands?

Desecrate and tear down what the left considers holy. Be inflammatory in word and deed, and slay every one of their sacred golden cows, the memes they perpetuate across the nations in which they have dominion. Do not be strangled by the chains of acceptability or political correctness. Have they ever done us any good? If the left attacks, launch the counterattack wherever you can and give no quarter for the enemy has none for you. Find the like-minded and band together in recognition that we are in a war of the cultural variety, a war of ideas and of cunning strategy, and most important of all, a war of self-defense. You will never hear about centers of leftist iconography and rat’s nests coming under threat from rightists with an axe to grind, because we are too passive. 

At a time when Reactionary forces are gathering their intellectual legs once more after a great lull and seemingly inescapable ravine of pessimism, this is I believe the first practical step for the radical right going forward. You have to activate these kind of localized initiatives to combat the leftist attack on our culture. It is not because we embrace Conservatism and think we can save and redeem this world, for we know that is impossible. This is primarily about principle, character building, and keeping the spark of that ever-ready resistance alive as a beacon to those all around us who believe as we do, but shuffle underneath the radar for fear of political isolation. If any are at a loss for what they can do for the cause of truth and righteousness in this world, who perhaps feel incapable of adding to the intellectual discussion of ideas, then know that yours is a contribution most valuable and honorable, for it is the contribution of action. In groups or as individuals, leave your mark on that which the enemy holds sacred and make it hurt.

Only fools rush in, but only losers sit and watch the clouds roll by.

British cultural terrorist, Peter Tatchell
recovering from a thorough beating by Russian patriots

4 thoughts on “Somnambulists Must Become Subversives

  1. “and also the question of how legitimate an institution the state Church of Norway actually is.”

    I have to ask, as an Orthodox Christian, do you believe that any Lutheran church can be a legitimate institution?


  2. A fair question. I approach my writings as a political Reactionary from a spirit of ecumenism, particularly with Catholics, so let me begin with that.

    How I view a question of legitimacy depends on the context and the subject. I am not here talking about theological legitimacy. Obviously, as an Orthodox Christian, I find Orthodoxy to be the only legitimate theology, with others being incomplete or at worst heretic. The comment about the Church of Norway was actually regarding moral and structural legitimacy.

    So, let us say I was a Norwegian Reactionary who did support a state church by virtue of his politics. Is the current Church of Norway morally legitimate in that role? I would find that highly questionable. How active has the Church been when it comes to its political and societal role? Has it stood steadfast against the tide of Modernity with voice raised and resolve strong? Has it accurately preached the Gospel when it comes to moral issues? Is it sympathetic to virtuous Christian authoritarianism? I have to admit I am not an expert on the Church of Norway, but from what I have heard it is not much different to the Church of England, which is undeniably a pathetic toadie of Modernity. These churches, much like the sorry excuses for monarchies that operate 'constitutionally' in the West today, have lost their moral and structural legitimacy.

    Whether such an outcome is inevitable for all Protestant churches is a question that others have tried to answer, but I will tactfully avoid, as I don't consider myself well researched enough to comment.


  3. Thanks for your answer. I consider myself a High-church Lutheran, and although there's to my knowlegde not much history of understanding between the Scandinavian churches and the Eastern Orthodox churches, I've read that one Eastern patriarch did consider the High-church rites and structure of the Anglican church to be proper, although there was problem with the Anglican church also containing elements that was low-church. But the anglo-lutheran churches in Europe and Eastern Orthodox Churches do have a similar Episcopal polity, so in better times that might led to greater unity.

    But in our own times, the protestant churches are sadly in a sorry state; sometimes even openly in rebellion against God's law and word. Even the Catholic church seems to be slipping: bishops in Ireland can publicly tell people that it's okay to vote for legalizing sodomites to marry, and I've yet to hear of any disciplinary actions taken against them! For some reason only the Orthodox churches (at least when we're talking about the bigger Christian traditions) have not married itself with the zeitgeist, and even puts up some defence for eternal values.

    Action is indeed needed. May God see us all through these dark times.


  4. I agree entirely. In my opinion, Protestantism stemmed from correct criticisms leveled at the Catholic Church, concerning problems that were going to weaken the Church and Christendom as a whole in the long run. I just don't agree with the outcome in most cases, though you are right in instinct that high church traditions and at least structurally superior to low church traditions within Protestantism, even if the low church traditions actually yield more steadfast moral stances in practice.

    I like to be humble, and so I will say, do not give Orthodoxy too much credit as it pertains to resisting Modernity. The first taste that our Tradition got of the Modern disease was the brutal atheism of Leninist Marxism. We didn't suffer the slow burn of Modernism as in places like Scandinavia and in some ways this is a worse long term proposition than violent revolution. After all, we knew we were under attack. The enemy declared its will to utterly destroy us in no uncertain terms. We have also benefited in the post-Cold War era from the regrowth of ice between east and west. The Russian state most prominently is a bolstering anti-Modern force for the Church for they both see Western values as a threat to Eastern civilization, a means of cultural imperialism.

    I weep for what is happening to Catholicism, and a great many Catholics do as well. The Pope engages in outrages that would have shocked his predecessors, even relatively recent ones! The Ireland example is a great case. It is in some ways worse than the pedophilia scandal, for now how many Irish children will be raped by these newly legitimized pervert couples, all with the approval of prominent clergy?!

    Action, I am confident will come. It does not require overwhelming numbers. It only requires a few with the will of steel. Theological disputes between us all aside, we know what we fight for. Christendom, the dominion of Christian rule and Traditional order in the Occidental world. I model my desire for this resistance to Modernity on the interwar movement, 'The Legion of the Archangel Michael' who struck terror into the hearts of those opposed to Christian Romania and sacrificed everything for her. If such a movement could arise again across the whole Occident in a time of great global crisis, then our aspirations will be realized and all enemies and treasons will fall to the ground.

    I always remind people, we were attacked first, and have remained under attack for 300 years now. A war that rapes your cultural heritage is a war nonetheless. As Christians, we retain our divine duty of self-defense.


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