Gazing Into the Age of Kali (Part II)

Apologies for the delay on the second part of this piece, the first part of which can be found here. Let us continue with some more prophecy from the Vedic Scriptures concerning our Modern age in which the symptoms of the Kali Yuga are manifest in diabolical certainty.

Prediction #11 – They [the population] are so blind that they cannot see anything beyond the jurisdiction of the subtle mind, intelligence or ego, but they are very much proud of their advancement in knowledge, science and material prosperity.”

Our Modern age adores the profane sciences for the technological advancements that they has given us, these things that are now a metric upon which we judge a society’s success or failure. As such, the population at large holds men of rationalistic intellect to be great learned scholars of the highest pedigree, and almost all exhibit a profound inability to understand intellect that goes beyond mere earthly knowledge. 

Prediction #12 – When three fourths of the whole world become irreligious, the situation is converted into hell for the animals. In the age of Kali, godless civilizations will create so many so -called religious societies in which the Personality of Godhead will be directly or indirectly defied. And thus faithless societies of men will make the world uninhabitable for the saner section of people.”

Important to bear in mind that by Traditional standards, many people considered to be religious in the world today are in fact not truly religious, but unwittingly atheistic in their outlook. This would include all Liberal strands of religion whether this be Liberal Catholicism, or most strands of Protestantism though not all. Whether this includes Fundamentalism is debatable, but in any case, the abundance of religious sects in all world religions, many now having been engulfed by Liberalism is indicative of the Kali Yuga. These sects, while using the garments of religion, openly defy the original doctrines of their own espoused faiths. Those party to such sects, as well as the cadre of openly atheistic elite, make life on earth increasingly difficult for those who follow religious orthodoxy. 

Prediction #13 – “In this age, people are indulging in the necessities of life, eating, sleeping, defending and mating, without following the rules and regulations, and this deterioration of social and moral rules is certainly lamentable because of the harmful effects of such beastly behavior.”

Increasingly, the goal of our life is merely to live. The hedonistic mantra goes that life’s purpose is to enjoy life by taking its necessities and indulging in them to an unhealthy extent, for they only believe in a finite existence for themselves. They see no consequences to defying religious laws and requirements, and as such inflict degradation upon themselves and society as they chase immoral pursuits. 

Robert Kingsley – Gluttony

Prediction #14 – In this age, the fathers and the guardians are not happy with the behavior of their wards. They should know that so many innocent children are victims of bad association awarded by the influence of this age of Kali. In this age of Kali the poor innocent students are daily victims of cinemas which attract men only for sex indulgence.”

Children, being apprehended by the Liberal state in public education, are turned against their parents with increasing harshness and spite. As the social revolution increasing in velocity, older generations become increasingly estranged from the newly taught beliefs of their children and grandchildren from which those children can barely find shelter from. In particular, the sexual aspects of social change are the most prominent today where views become further away from Tradition with every generation, rather than for instance ever four generations.

Prediction #15 – Womanliness and manliness will be judged according to one’s expertise in sex”

I can’t add too much to this. It is self-evident in how the Modern world views sexual activity as a status symbol. The judged virility of men and women is today intrinsically and almost exclusively linked to sexual promiscuity. For all the talk of ‘slut-shaming’, the fact remains that for both men and women, engaging in loose sex and lots of it is a way to gain status in our society, and younger generations find it more difficult than ever to gain status without this Modern rite of passage, which is almost totally disconnected from true virility. 

Prediction #16 – And one who is very clever at juggling words will be considered a learned scholar.”

There are many examples that could be brought up with reference to this prediction, but the one that immediately came to mind for me was the success of the books published by the New Atheists attacking religion, the most prominent being ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins, as well as the atheistic tomes of Sam Harris and the late Christopher Hitchens. By objective philosophical standards, these works were mass-market toilet paper. Brimming with emotional raging, straw men, red herrings, and the like, the books produced by these men, supposed to be tackling a huge question of philosophy, are of a quality appropriate to a grade school class. Yet, such authors are considered by many to be intellectual heavyweights, not because of their content, but the slick package they have given their poorly thought-out concepts.

learned scholar… or inconsolable manchild?

Prediction #17 – “Women become much smaller in size, and they will eat too much, have more children than they can properly take care of, and lose all shyness. They will speak harshly and will exhibit qualities of thievery, deceit and unrestrained audacity.”

You couldn’t have scripted this one better. Courtesy of NewScience, we have a study which tells us that women are indeed becoming shorter, fatter, and more fertile. While white women barely have children at all, the phenomena of black women over-reproducing beyond their means is well documented. Do modern women have any sense of shame today? Can we honestly say they do, even from five minutes of television commercials or music videos for the latest vapid sluts who have topped the chart of album sales? Women today, in the words of Davis Aurini, are “the most decadent sluts since the fall of Rome”. Not only are they sexually promiscuous, but they also exhibit a lack of basic womanly manner in both speech and deed. 

Prediction #18 – “In Kali-yuga men will be wretched and controlled by women. They will reject their fathers, brothers, other relatives and friends and will instead associate with the sisters and brothers of their wives. Thus their conception of friendship will be based exclusively on sexual ties.”

This prediction would have the entire Manosphere nodding its head. Fathers as heads of household have been utterly stripped of their former duties and regalia with the collapse of the patriarchal structure. As a consequence they have often fallen victim to humiliation at the hands of women and the families of their wives. Sexual companionship has now dwarfed brotherhood between men in importance where they once enjoyed a healthy balance. As a side note, this is likely exacerbated by the suspicion of ‘homosexuality’ among brotherly unions, which drives men away from forming solid Traditional relations with other men. 

Prediction #19 – “Pre-cooked food is sold in the public squares”

The last one here is remarkable just considering how unthinkable this was five thousand years ago. Of course today, Modernity has presented us with an abundance of pre-cooked foods for our consumption, even in many cases full meals.

In conclusion to what has turned into a lengthy study on this subject, I myself am convinced of the veracity of this prophecy contained within the Hindu Doctrine of the Ages. It gives an insight into the present and near-term future that should not exist. What its origin is remains unclear, and of course must be speculated upon with the central role of our own Faith in mind. I do not endorse Perennialism for the reasons cited by Kristor over at the Orthosphere in his article ‘The Essential Disagreement of Religions‘. We should also follow his advice not to endorse exclusivism either, for both of these concepts are antithetical to the history and theology of Christianity.

If the prophecy stands true, then it will be fulfilled in its entirety, which includes the prediction of this age’s end and the dawn of a new cycle, rich with the Tradition so long extinguished from this world by our enemies. For now, we stand in the eye of a hurricane, gazing with horror into what I call the ‘pitch black’ period of the Kali Yuga, that period in which the entropic forces set in motion by its onset begin to pull apart the fabric of society in stunning speed and fashion. As we gaze into this black however, do not falter and do not fear death or destruction. We will most certainly find condemnation if we fail to hold steadfast as the waves crash in. Our goal must be to survive among the ruins. No matter how bleak things become, we should always be aware that this age is destined to pass, and when it does our time will come again.

3 thoughts on “Gazing Into the Age of Kali (Part II)

  1. “learned scholar… or inconsolable manchild?”

    As for many who are accounted wise nowadays, he was nothing of the sort. But I am not altogether sure what to think of him. I admire his exposition on Mother Teresa and his criticism of Lady Diana Spencer but otherwise his scholarship was appalling. A skilled and articulate orator and debater but ultimately a demagogue, and a disingenuous one. I cannot abide advocates of socialism who lead hedonistic lives. It's reminiscent of that sign post in Animal Farm with the commandments, one of which read: “All animals are equal,” which was later corrected to read, “but some are more equal than others.” I've no doubt that in the socialist utopia for which he hoped Mr Hitchens would feel more comfortable with the latter than the former.


  2. Thanks for the mention; it shocks me (sort of) how that quote of mine causes the baboons to hoot and holler so. It seems a pretty self-evident statement to me; just look at Hollywood.

    What are you thoughts on the supposed length of the Kali Yuga? I'm not overly familiar with Hindu theology, but according to them we've been in the Kali Yuga since the end of the last ice age, and the beginning of this latest attempt at civilization.

    I'll leave you with some lyrics that have been resonating with me lately, those from the M.A.S.H. Theme Song, “Suicide is Painless”, a song as wonderful as Bosch's painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. These sort of predictions… really, all they require is that you follow the equation to its own asymptote.

    Through early morning's fog I see,
    Visions of the things to be,
    The pains that are withheld for me,
    I realize and I can see…


  3. Concerning the length of the Kali Yuga, it is certainly hard to say when it will end, but if we look at manifest signs and trajectories, my guess is within this century (or at least the ordered period will end, followed by a chaotic period of unknowable length). One might say that this is not an objective analysis, but quite the opposite, it is informed by certain things that are present today that are unprecedented in history. These include among other things, the globalized economy, the widespread lack of religious observation particularly when it comes to those with the most power, and perhaps most importantly the exponential advance of technology which has the potential to furnish more destruction and havoc upon the lives of men than ever before.

    I am aware, if we go in the other direction, certainly Hindu scholars for a very long time have held that we have been in the Kali Yuga since the end of the last ice age. However, I am reminded of Ussher's calculation of the age of earth according to the Bible. It is my belief that when we try to extract from ancient texts, particularly those of a supernatural character, the dates and times of events, the further back we go the more off these things are likely to be, and this could be due to a different view of time in the Ancient World that has since been lost in the sands of time. Evola touched upon this in 'Revolt Against the Modern World' that at a certain point in history, all analysis past this point lose certainty. We enter a period where even that which would be considered obvious myth today, blurs the lines between reality and mythology.

    It is perfectly possible that we have been in this Dark Age for that long, but I doubt it simply because if you look at these signs, they have really only found widespread purchase with the advent of Modernity. Of course, we descend into speculation at some level. The original predictions after all, largely pertained to India, and yet they have their fulfillment at its fullest in the Western World.

    Still, Guenon and Evola found a very high significance in this prophecy as it related to the implosion of human civilization that they observed around them.

    I thank you for the aesthetic beauty in those lyrics. It is easy to see now where this is heading. How they managed it at a time when there were no signs or signals pointing to such a thing is a mystery to me. Frithjof Schuon would of course put it down to 'The Transcendent Unity of Religions'.


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