Gazing Into the Age of Kali (Part I)

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”

                                                                                                                                             – Peter 5:8

We are warned in Scripture of the adversary, an embodiment of evil influence who while featuring the powerful characteristics of the Divine Realm, is the enemy of mankind: a vanguard of sin and iniquity, the eater of worlds. We know this black angel as Lucifer, and in the Vedic texts, he is known as Kali.

First, to clear up something that had confused me at first, Kali is not Kālī, the very recognizable Hindu goddess with blue skin and a necklace of human heads. Although she possesses many traits that might link her to the Kali Yuga (representative of change and destruction, negative feminine principle, aesthetic love of aborted human children), it is in fact a minor demon who gives the age its name.

Kali Yuga is quite literally the Age of Kali, where the spiritual influence of this entity, or at least the signature thereof, gains dominance throughout the world, bringing human civilization to utter ruin. What I want to delve into is the content of the prophecies concerning this age contained primarily in the latter sections of the Vishnu Puranas. I’m addressing this because the Kali Yuga is often discussed among Reactionaries, this concept rooted in René Guénon’s exposition of it in his popular 1927 book ‘The Crisis of the Modern World’. Through this work, the prophecy became commonly known among Reactionary theorists and is mentioned a lot in the Reactosphere at large. Unfortunately, some readers might be unsure as to why. Why does this obscure Hindu revelation really strike a chord with Reactionaries no matter their faith persuasion? Quite simply, it is its stunning accuracy that Reactionary’s are specially positioned to recognize and stand in awe of.

It came to my attention recently that certain people who call themselves Reactionaries have apparently denied the authenticity of its claims. This isn’t wholly unexpected as, those in question being atheists, it would be hard for them to accept any notion of a divine revelation.

I want to argue against a rejection on the part of any self-proclaimed Reactionary of the prophetic nature of this study. And so, let’s look at just some of the predictions about Modernity made thousands of years ago in Ancient India.

humanity is indeed fallen
our mistake comes in thinking we’ve landed

Prediction #1 – “[…]all the contemporary kings will be of churlish spirit; violent temper and always addicted to falsehood and wickedness. They will destroy women and cows; they will seize upon the property of their subjects, will be of limited power; they will rapidly rise and fall; the duration of their life will be very short; they will form high expectations and acquire very little piety.”

Often cited as the Hindu prediction of Modern democracy, this is important. The condemnation of future leaders as being duplicitous, sinful, and angry predators is prophetic, but the important part comes in the idea of leaders rapidly rising and falling. For all of pre-Enlightenment history, monarchs with few exceptions served in their sovereign office for life, unless they were usurped by internal or external powers. In historical terms, what we have now is an unprecedentedly rapid succession of leaders who are voted in and voted out, or have their tenures expire. This signifies a short political life, and is indeed often marked by limited power, as compared to the historical way of monarchs. They also of course, create big expectations that often disappoint once they are elected.

Prediction #2 – “Wealth will be the test of pedigree and virtue”

Unfortunately, this has resulted from Consumer Capitalism, and our success today is often measured by how much money and material goods we can accumulate. It is the rich and famous who are idolized, rather than the virtuous or those of good upbringing. The loyalties of young people are especially to those who are shown to be ‘success stories’ on the television set, their favorite singers, actors, and other vapid personalities, rather than even their close relatives or co-religionists.

Prediction #3 – The administrative heads as a class will condemn the tenets of Vedic wisdom and will prefer to conduct a so-called secular state, and the so-called educated brahmanas will be purchased by such unscrupulous administrators. Even a philosopher and writer of many books on religious principles may also accept an exalted post in a government which denies all the moral codes of the sastras.” 

The critical piece of this paragraph is the prophecy of the “so-called secular state”. Perhaps the Ancient Hindus knew exactly what I outlined in my last article, that secularism is not in fact the abolition of a state-imposed dogma, but rather the replacement of a good one with a bad one. Alas, revealed religion and politics have been driven apart by the axe of the Modern, and indeed he does justify this with paid ‘religious’ stooges who do his bidding, defending Liberal Democracy and condemning its opponents as ‘extremists’.

where is the sword-wielding cavalry when you need it?

Prediction #4 – “In the Kali-yuga the population is just a royal edition of the animals. They have nothing to do with spiritual knowledge or godly religious life.”

Here you have Scientific Darwinism predicted in stark terms. Man has been reduced to the status of a mere animal rather than something more substantial, thanks to the predominance of a clinical theory of evolution. He has evolved from less capable forms of life, but in essence he is only an intelligent beast. The view hit its violent apex in the last century of course, with the rise of eugenics and a purely biological understanding of race, as well as the Marxist transformation of men into expendable means. We have turned away from a spiritual concept of both race and humanity at large.

Prediction #5 – Everyone feels the absence of his relative who is away from home. The particular symptom of the age of Kali is that no family is now blessed to live together. To earn a livelihood, the father lives at a place far away from the son, or the wife lives far away from the husband and so on. There are sufferings from internal diseases, separation from those near and dear, and anxieties for maintaining the status quo. These are but some important factors which make the people of this age always unhappy.”

Unwrap this, and you get a summation of the breakdown in extended family loyalty structures as well as the general disunity of families thanks to time-consuming electronics, distant and monotonous work, and perhaps the conspicuous exit of women from the home entirely. We are truly unhappy with this way of life, even if some don’t want to admit how miserable and drone-like it has made our once vibrant lives, now lived in an essential solitude.

Prediction #6 – In this age illicit connection with women will render many women and children uncared for. Circumstantially, the women will try to become independent of the protection of men, and marriage will be performed as a matter of formal agreement between man and woman.”

Ah, the ravages of the Feminist agenda. With our rocketing divorce and never-even-married rates, with fathers seeing little point in sticking around in the miserable household situation that Modernity has fostered, it is the case that many women and children remain unguided, and adrift. Women have sought to become truly independent, against their true nature, to catastrophic ends, and marriage has transformed from a highly ritualistic ceremony into a state-run contractual convenience to be dissolved whenever one party decides they have had enough. All that matters today is consent, which is used to great effect by those wish to further mutilate our marital practices.

sign right here for state approval, putrid cretins
your doomed sham of a ‘marriage’ is complete

Prediction #7 – “The brahmanas are traditionally intelligent men, and thus they will be able to pick up modern education to the topmost rank, but as far as moral and religious principles are concerned, they shall be the most fallen.”

This one isn’t difficult to understand. It gives affirmation that our leaders and scholars in the Modern world will still largely be people considered to be highly educated, having attended top institutes of higher learning, but that this will instill in them no virtue, and as a result they will only lead the nation further down the road of destruction, for an education in the hands of the wicked is only a tool for a more efficient debasement of the society in question.

Prediction #8 – “Nowadays, men without proper training by culture and tradition are promoted to exalted posts by the votes of the people who are themselves fallen in the rules and regulations of life. How can such people select a proper man when they are themselves fallen in the standard of life? Therefore, by the influence of the age of Kali, everywhere, politically, socially or religiously, everything is topsy-turvy, and therefore for the sane man it is most regrettable.”

Relates to what we might call the Law of Diminishing Sanity in politics, that a populace in a degenerate state who can vote will elect leaders of a degenerate state, who through their actions in positions of power will only increase the instability and social degradation in a society. This is most regrettable for we, the Reactionaries who have to live in the ruins.

Prediction #9 – people will freely commit abortion.”

Not much needs to be said, except that Modernity’s phenomena of abortion is unparalleled in history. There are certainly minor examples of infanticide in both extreme environments and at the behest of short-lived, demonic religious cults, but the industrialized murder mill that runs unnoticed day and night in the Modern West is something entirely new, and it would have shocked and appalled people in Ancient India when this prophecy was handed down. This was considered unimaginable.

Prediction #10 – “[…] the Vedas will be contaminated by speculative interpretations of atheists, political leaders will virtually consume the citizens, and the so-called priests and intellectuals will be devotees of their bellies and genitals.”

Since the time of the original Atheists, and subsequently by the obscenely less impressive New Atheists, the religious basis for our lives in both traditions and Scripture has been challenged and questioned by these so-called ‘free thinkers’, who have sought to explain away all that has undergirded our lives for centuries as superstition and unfounded myth. What’s more, we are at the mercy of our political elite more than ever before as they insert themselves into every aspect of our lives. As for our so-called intellectuals and religious leaders? The description offered definitely seems to fit a lot more than a handful of them.

well, there’s a recipe for catastrophe

We’re not through yet, but this is a healthy amount to digest for now, and already I think we have a good case for including the belief in the Kali Yuga and its correspondence with Modernity in what we might deem a loose Reactionary canon. 


8 thoughts on “Gazing Into the Age of Kali (Part I)

  1. I looks like as if it is not prophecy at all – it looks like as if someone alive today just put to paper (eh, keyboard) what he observed. I have realized that there's nothing to be done about it, no turning back the clock, it needs to self-implode and then we'll build anew. Given the way in which establishment already operates, there appears to be no need for us to accelerate anything – mainstream Leftist ideology is no longer any different from parody of itself. Soon, omnisexual trans-genderqueer otherkin with headmates are going to be as accepted as sodomites already are today.


  2. Looking at Amazon I see everything from a paper back to an 18 volume set for the Srimad-Bhagavatam. You should use citations for your quotes, it would add a lot of weight.


  3. If you copy and paste any of the quoted sections into Google, you will be returned with online results from the passages themselves. There are 18 Maha Puranic texts in Hinduism, the Srimad-Bhagavatam and the Vishnu Purana (mentioned in the opening) being two of them. If you are unsure of a citation, this is what you do. You'll find I'm not lying.


  4. Not saying you are lying, the material is just presented in small fragments. I'll need to place it in some context for a number of reasons. If I'm going to quote Nietzsche, for instance, I'm going to cite the book and section and I'll probably give a paragraph rather than a sentence fragment. This is going to be especially necessary if I am going to go on and make further arguments from those quotes. Maybe that is not so simple with an Eastern religious text as it is with a Western philosopher. I'll google.


  5. No, you actually do make a fair point. I just didn't feel that to be necessary because of the list format. The context of these segments is their prophetic nature. They are warning signs of a predicted decadent age, which is different to something like a description of history in which unmentioned factors could be absolutely critical to a real understanding of the situation as it was. There are many other elements to the prophecy, but I felt these in particular were the most interesting and could be easily extrapolated out of the narrow environment of the Indian subcontinent.


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