Faith Militant

if God is with us
who can stand against us?

I don’t really want to comment on the popular series ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO, based on the books by self-avowed leftist, George R.R. Martin. It’s chock-full of subtle propaganda points, but provides some mediocre medieval entertainment when I can be bothered to watch it. Alas, the show has introduced a new villainous enemy known as the ‘faith militant’, a fanatical religious paramilitary that is *gasp!* shutting down the various dens of iniquity all over the fictional castle of King’s Landing, and arresting the holy martyrs of Progressivism, the sodomites.

The message is pretty clear. Beware of armed religious men! They are highly dangerous. Only armed non-religious men are safe, and the historical track record of course shows this, damn it!

Let’s delve into what the left is really getting at here. Essentially, the left is against any proactive and hostile organization of those who serve God. Thus, Christians are hilariously encouraged to participate in the democratic process rather than organize outside of it or especially against it, this in spite of the fact that our religion is antithetical to democracy. However, most are convinced by this, even in European countries where there are virtually no parties that represent Christianity. They are told to overlook this, and ‘vote with their heads’ for the good of the country, not their bigoted religious views which should be kept at home. ‘Religion does not belong in the public square’ is the scoffing declaration of the newspapers whenever they catch even a whiff of a theological presence in the political or cultural debate of the day. Democracy simply mustn’t be corrupted by ‘beliefs’.

The Reactionary despises this. He has a million reasons for his profound hatred of democracy, but one that really bites is that it enjoys the participation of many who call themselves faithful. The Romanian Orthodox Christian nationalist, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, said that those who participated in the democratic process with an eye to its continuation were traitors to their nation. Even further, I would say they also become traitors to their faith.

the cleric is anathema to Modernity
he can’t be bought, and he can’t be reasoned out of righteousness

The Liberal Democratic structure, regardless of who wins any election or what issue is placed on a referendum ballot, is staunchly secular, and secularism is toxic. It is the destruction of the priestly caste, and consequently, the aristocratic class and the patriarchal principle in a given society. They necessarily follow one another. What is more, it is precisely when one disbands ordered theonomic enforcement that sectarian mob justice follows. The fanaticism inspired by the Divine Realm, and all that it promises beyond human comprehension, is a potent force and is universally recognized as such. DO NOT deny this force its rightful place in the structure of governance. Should you do so, you only build your civilization’s eventual funeral pyre. 

We are not to fear holy men who carry the sword, for they are the vanguards of justice on the plane of an orderly moral code. We should however fear what passes for law-enforcement today, men for whom ‘justice’ is just a career, and for most as long as they get paid it doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right. Let the high-paid lawyers figure that one out. Such people very easily become putty in the hands of an interfering faux elite, should the situation require their ‘invisible hand’. 

By contrast, the ‘Ecclesium’ of the World of Tradition serves as the enforcement arm in service both to its sovereign and the high priestly caste. While the former safeguards his people and the order from the storms of common politics, and the latter mediates between the society and its Divine overworld, the Ecclesium is the unwavering hand of justice, the keeper of the contract between the citizen and the hierarchy he fits into. This is as much a moral contract as a social contract. It is a commitment to do what is good and holy, and reject what is evil and perverse. Every citizen must be aware that this is the price of their citizenship, that they prostrate themselves before what the left has so viciously deemed ‘the tyranny of right and wrong. Throughout history, the sovereign and church have worked together, hand in glove, on the matter of civic justice, and men have bent the knee to both in service of this high calling. If they are virtuous and carry out their mission carefully and correctly, they win the trust and adulation of the people.

If our faux elite want you to fear something, you can guarantee it represents a threat to them, some challenge to their power. Note that in Martin’s blood-soaked TV series, almost everyone who holds power is corrupt and liable to double cross allies, cut throats, lie, cheat, and steal in order to further their own power and grandeur. ‘High Sparrow’ Jonathan Price and his gang of zealots on the other hand, do not bear these degenerate traits that really, a good monarchy should be above. Regardless of what action they take, they are apparently only interested in pursuing the righteousness commanded by their religion, meting out justice upon the heathen and hypocrite alike. It almost makes for a nice respite from the hundredfold betrayals and counter-betrayals of the competing kings, all of dubious legitimacy in their claim to the throne. One also must respect that they take on this responsibility when it is handed to them, they are not so presumptuous as to seize it, even when that might be a virtuous thing to do.

not only ultra dangerous
but also bigoted!

To emphasize the key point, the left has a petrifying fear of religious authority, because it is wholly antithetical to their whole Modern agenda. To whatever end, across the Islamic world, their attempts to set up puppet ‘democracies’ have been nullified by military coups (Egypt) and religious insurgencies (Iran) alike. Modernity is a religious grouping for atheists and luke-warm spiritualists. Its adherents therefore can be armed, but the adherents of no other faith tradition can be. Why? Because that would represent a threat! The last thing our Modern utopia needs is backward Medievalists imposing their values on everyone! Perish the thought!

But it will be seen, with the coming of the end of this age, that those men so denigrated will one day raise the cross over the landmarks from where it was unceremoniously torn down  with the onset of the Kali Yuga, our ‘Enlightened’ Modern era. God is not mocked. 

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