A Few Articles You Should Read

I don’t wish to get into the habit of doing linkfests or anything similar. Nick B. Steves and a few others including Free Northerner and Patriactionary do a good job of that already. I have in the past linked to articles I felt were really solid. These recent works I was meaning to link to in some way because they were all eye-catchingly good, so I might as well do it now. Go and show your appreciation for some solid scholarship by following the links below.

Free Northerner takes down some idiot sodom-advocate from barely-funny humor site Cracked:


At Gornahoor, Cologero gives us the Guénon-approved notion of a coming elite:


At Social Matter, Henry Dampier gives us some salient facts about Libertarianism:


William Briggs tackles leftward drift vs. leftward lurch”


Bonald produced this gem too:



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