Some of Reaction’s Big Problems

The last few weeks were rough for the Reactosphere at large, and especially so for those who call themselves ‘NeoReactionaries’ a term that is still hard to define and really encapsulate, although some have made valiant efforts.

For those unaware, Bryce Laliberte, the blogger behind AnarchoPapist and Unterrorist has been wiped from the internet. All of his contributions to Social Matter and both of his blogs as well as his Twitter account have been deleted.

farewell… or is it?

I don’t really wish to delve into the question of whether Bryce will return to his well-researched authorship, nor the question of what exactly is going on. It could be health issues he has mentioned or a very organized hack/trolling attack, or even some combination of both. The point is that he and his material are now gone for the foreseeable future. This isn’t exactly new. NeoReaction’s original influence Mencius Moldbug ceased writing a long time ago, along with one of the key thinkers in the early days, Foseti. SunshineMary, the anti-feminist wizardrix who bridged the gap between NeoReaction and the Manosphere also went dark after a co-ordinated attack on her private life. This stuff does happen, and can be expected.

Thinkers come and thinkers go, for myriad reasons. We notice when a blogger disappears, but rarely just an insightful, regular commenter. Bryce dropping off the radar is not so much of a foundational concern, it’s what has accompanied it in conjunction with other things I have observed during my time in the Reactosphere that indicate deeper problems.

NeoReaction itself is a microcosm of greater Reaction. Whether its a substrain or a meta-narrative, I have yet to really get a clear answer on, but let’s just say these guys represent a new and energetic wave of anti-Modern critique. If there is a problem with NeoReaction, there is a problem with Reaction. So what the heck is happening to NeoReaction? Is it dying?

Well, no. NeoReaction does not lack intellectual muscle. You only have to follow Social Matter to figure that out. The critique is developing, evolving, strengthening. It’s now beyond the writings of Mencius Moldbug. With respect, it has broken out of the confines of his work and is entering whole new paradigms with regard to history, theology, and practical politics. Intellectually, NeoReaction is healthy and continuing to grow. The problem also isn’t rooted in interest or adherence. Interest in these anti-Modern ideas continues to grow as well, especially off the back of things like #gamergate and the Hugo Awards coup.

The problem that NeoReaction is suffering from, as any movement loosely associated around a model like Spandrell’s Trike, is that it is frustratingly scattered, prone to entryism, and has some lessons to learn about the operation of enemies within and without. Allow me to provide some recommendations below this marvelous visualization by Nick B. Steves.

Spandrell’s Trike is the tie that binds three right wing
interest groupings into one fusion working towards a common goal
of reconciliation and victory

1. Solving the problem of scatter

With a movement that has different areas of focus, you are bound to get drift. The different wheels of Spandrell’s Trike like to roll off on their own for extended periods and not participate in the congregation of a collective might. Social Matter, a product of the Hestia Society for Social Studies, is a more-than-worthy rallying point for the radical right. By contrast, Theden isn’t really tended to enough and focuses too much on mere populist concerns to be a centerpiece. In fact, I think Theden is really the Ethno-Nationalist equivalent of the Orthosphere, in terms of its centrality. Through promotion, Social Matter should get pushed to the fore. It has some great minds behind its columnist bloc and they cover a huge range of diverse topics. The opportunity for guest article contributions is also a stroke of brilliance. Not only should the website and relevant articles be promoted in discussions with fringe and even negligent central characters within the Reactosphere, but it should also be promoted in popular Conservative media as well. One simple comment can draw in readers like fish to bait. Reaction’s primary goal remains to get our ideas out there and show people there is an alternative to the false Liberal/Conservative paradigm.

2. Solving the problem of entryists

One of the big undercurrents within NeoReaction in the months leading up to Bryce’s disappearance was a growing fear of ‘entryists’, that is people who would wittingly or unwittingly use the NeoReactionary label and dilute it. From my analysis, it seems that any entryism you have to be worried about is actually very obvious, and typically comes from a small cadre of Conservatives and Libertarians who dislike authoritarianism, and a much larger contingent of white supremacists of the StormFront variety, unhappy about the rise of Reactionary thought and its intrusion on what they see as ‘their turf’. In some ways, this actually isn’t so much about people who don’t think that NeoReaction discusses HBD enough, but rather people who are angry that NeoReaction discusses it at all, providing an intellectual rather than bar-talk environment for honest discussions on race. To combat this entryism which has as its planned goal: destroying the Reactosphere entirely, there needs to be a crackdown on such people having a voice on this part of the internet. And yes, if you are a troll on Twitter, it doesn’t matter if you have a blog with intellectual material. You still deserve to get your ass kicked. I need not name #names, but let’s say they are linked with this MPC garbage. If people cannot have an intellectual discussion, there is no reason to engage with them, and there’s no reason to keep their clutter in any comment sections. Don’t link to them, don’t give them oxygen.

3. Solving the problem of enemies

In some corners of the Reactosphere, people are not very good at moderating their own comment sections at times, and discussions can be hijacked not only by trolls, but also people with an ideological axe to grind. Take this guy ‘Corvinus’ who now lurks at Jim’s Blog. This cretin was banned from Social Matter because he’s a Conservative with an Enlightenment fetish, and enjoys misquoting people directly and besmirching their names with baseless, wild implications. Example, if you say that fighting Modernists is a form of just war, you are somehow wanting to cave in the skulls of infants. Let’s just call this what it is, Leftism. It is not useful commentary, it’s deranged bravado from people who have only come to the sphere to make a noise and protest because they couldn’t get any recognition in the political circles they used to swim in. These are the ones who don’t even pretend to be Reactionaries or even curious, they are just showing up to kick over the pieces on the chessboard like a flock of pigeons. The ‘Grey Enlightenment’ is one such example of sophisticated moronics leeching off another more popular movement for dedicated readers.

pictured: Corvinus

There seems to be a movement in the reform direction, thankfully, within the upper echelons of NeoReactionary thought. Nick B. Steves’ ‘excommunication‘ of popular blogger Michael Anissimov from NeoReaction itself after various Twitter-related grievances against his behavior may be a sign that at least some people are willing to engage with the movement’s internal problems. Whether Anissimov himself will be allowed back into this cadre is hard to know at this point. Alas, a lot of the festering is at the level of the termites, the commenters who, with no intellectual grounding, make it their mission to act as trolls and agent provocateurs. This should be discussed, because it is now an incontrovertible fact that the Reactosphere’s growth over the past decade has predictably led to the attraction of some weapons grade idiots.

3 thoughts on “Some of Reaction’s Big Problems

  1. No matter their reactionary beliefs it takes a lot more deprogramming and awareness of oneself in order to start inculcating the phenotype of the reactionary. Until this process is completed that person may be for all intents and purposes an entryist.


  2. Thanks for this Mark. Obviously, yes, trolls. Don't feed them. There is little risk of entry from them. There is also little risk of entry from the left. We are far too racist, misogynist, homophobic, antisemitic, patriarchal, and cis-normativist for that. The risk of entry is from the near right. Neoreaction seeks friendly and productive relationships with all the near right. We simply request the courtesy of not being seen as a target for co-optation by some other reactionary movement (however more or less aligned neoreactionaries might be with it). Many fellow travelers have complained of the dogma. I can understand why they say that, but I've had a good think about it, and I think the occasionally dogmatic responses are really more a defense mechanism against cooptation. Too many say, “Nice smart club ya got there. Here let me help you fix it by changing X!” The behavior, specifically the ability to get along with others in an intellectual salon environment, is far more important than any orthodoxy. This is what Michael almost constantly violated. That's why he's in the doghouse.


  3. It seems like it wouldn't be a top concern, but basic professional courtesy on the radical right is essential and yet in short supply. This includes being honest and forthright about one's positions and their defense for using any ideological label, as well as not acting like a Tumblr-tard with an added dose of status signaling.

    I don't know why Anissimov has taken such a confrontational stance and tried to claim he is the 'leader' of NeoReaction. Almost all the articles I have read that reference his work have been appreciative. His attitude really doesn't make sense.


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