10,000 Views & Plans Going Forward

“Now it appears to me that almost any man may like the spider spin
from his own inwards his own airy citadel.”

                                                              – John Keats

The audience of this blog is certainly growing, much faster in the past month than ever before. With the crossing of the 10,000 views threshold, I wanted to say a big thank you to those who have taken an interest in my work. I remain steadfastly committed to the Reactionary project and cause. Because of this tremendous support, a few changes are going to be undergone going forward.

First and foremost, I provide a link below to my Youtube channel. Though as of yet I don’t have plans to upload videos (although I have considered some audio transcriptions of my in-depth articles and maybe some other material), this is an account you can subscribe to and feel free to drop me a message if you wish, especially if there is a Youtube video you think I might be interested in.


Secondly, some alterations to the right hand sidebar of the blog. You will notice now a +1 button. Simply hit this to recommend my work.

There is also now the option of ‘subscribing’ to the blog via email, thus receiving updates when a new article or link of interest is posted.

In addition to this I have added a translation button for my international viewers. Though I am not sure how accurate it is, it may help some. While around half of my viewers hail from the United States, the other half is split relatively evenly across the world with readers from Russia, Serbia, China, Australia, the UK, Brazil, Germany, Canada, and more.

An email address to reach me at is displayed at the bottom of the blog.

More material to come soon.

To React is Divine.

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