Anti-Russian Propaganda at its Most Vile

Apparently as the new Cold War heats up, caused unquestionably by expansionist Western policies, the decadent cultural warfare of the United States, and NATO saber-rattling as its European political wing, the EU, grows weaker, the usual suspects in Modern propaganda have reared their maggot-like heads to launch an all-out information war on the Russian Federation.

These attacks are largely indictments of Russia’s turn towards more Traditional modes of thinking. What especially enrages the left is that the new trajectory of the far flung east is not primarily spearheaded by ‘old white men’, its bogeyman of choice right here in the west. No, old white men in Russia are more likely to be old-guard communist sympathizers than anything else. The new blood of Russian ethno-nationalism and Reactionary sentiment is in its universities, among young professionals fascinated by the rousing speeches of ideologues like Aleksandr Dugin who espouse a new understanding of Russia’s place in the world. It’s an understanding that is actually very old, of Russia as a civilization rather than just a nation, it is the understanding of Russia as the Third Rome.

These attacks on Russia’s newfound confidence in an ideology that doesn’t fit the West’s acceptable ‘Overton Window’ are getting more vitriolic, shameful, libelous, and depraved with every month that goes by. The latest example is the BBC series ‘Extreme Russia’, which sees presenter Reggie Yates head into what the West has deemed ‘Mordor’ like some affirmative action hobbit and expose how scary and extreme Russia really is!

a beautiful church… marred by the presence of
this subversive degenerate

BBC is the state-run media of the United Kingdom and has a tremendous amount of sway over public opinion in the island nation, as well as in other countries around the world. Thus, the series is a perfectly orchestrated attack by the British government itself, on Russia.

The first thing you will notice is that Reggie Yates is black. Why a black host? Because Russians are racists, and this is made abundantly clear in the first episode in which Yates attends a Russian nationalist march where he is rightly made fun of. He should not be there. This is all very deliberate. Yates has no discernible credentials as it pertains to Russia or far right politics. He’s a stooge with a script and the right pigmentation. The people who are handling him treat him courteously and with respect, but Yates is quick to call them ignorant for opposing miscegenation. He doesn’t do this to their faces of course, instead he waits until he is in a quiet ‘safe’ zone where he can let rip on his hosts. The presenter also is in utter horror and shock when people show him their means of self-defense, from knives to BB guns. The man almost has a heart attack! I guarantee he would not last five seconds in his native Africa without the BBC crew to protect him. This is what happens when you feminize men to the Nth degree. Just the sight of a deadly weapon is enough to give them hot flashes.

Extreme Russia is a fine example of ‘othering’ a foreign culture. The BBC essentially wants their viewers to see the Russian state as a brutal, evil empire. By doing this, they validate their economic warfare and NATO expansion at the cost of peace in Ukraine, already torn apart by Western meddling.

Yates’ job is simple: de-humanize and foment hatred against the people that he has been sent to observe.

I hope the officials take note, because what is made abundantly clear in propagandizing hit pieces like this is that any calls for peace or negotiations on the part of countries like Britain are hollow. If a country continues to wage an information war on you, then they are still at war, even if they decide to put their guns down. The Western governments conspire to overthrow the current regime and state-by-state, carve up the Russian Federation so that it can present no credible threat to them whether ideologically or militarily.

“enemies seek Russia’s downfall.”
why yes… yes they do

At this point it puzzles me why the Russian government has not banned anybody affiliated with the Goebbels ministry that is the British Broadcast Corporation from accessing their country. These people are no better than foreign assassins or spies. In fact, they can actually wreak more havoc than both.

But let us continue. Yates has already pilloried these dirty white savages for their decidedly anti-progressive views on race realism. What will he make of their treatment of another of the left’s sacred cows: the LGBTXYZBBQ brigade?

Well, as you can expect, Yates implants himself with some radical activists in Russia who tell him how dark and scary St. Petersburg is (though even he has trouble buying it as he looks out of a taxi window). Things take a little more of a disgusting turn when Yates creepily laments that no people under the age of eighteen can attend a gathering of sodomites, whistfully recalling that in his homeland, children openly march in parades dedicated to perversion.

He encounters a Russian politician who has rightly showed up to shut this cultural terrorism down, and I couldn’t help but laugh when he asked if Vitaly Milonov saw the gathering as dangerous.

“A piece of shit is not dangerous, but it’s unpleasant to see on the street.”

It’s a solid put-down, but he is wrong. These organizations are dangerous, because as I say they are elements of cultural terrorism used by the left and foreign agitators to foment insurrection and promote all forms of anti-Tradition. Even if something looks benign on its face, if it bears the mark of Modernity then it is a cancer cell. Let it fester and it will spread throughout the body politic. Russia must unflinchingly squash these elements. They certainly have nothing to lose.

Things get more ridiculous from here on out, with the presenter glorifying the gag of political correctness that would shut down Milonov if he lived in Britain. I don’t want to go much further in analysis than that, other than to say the next installment will center around feminism. They’re really covering all the bases.

(For more information on the cultural war being waged against Russia, American author and attorney, Scott Lively, has an in-depth look here)

soldiers of God never tire, never waver.

Many Russians visit this blog (146 so far this month), and the Reactosphere as a whole. It is important after observing this to speak up and say that I repudiate and disavow all of these acts of aggression launched by our own nations that now play host to a parasitic infestation with the destruction of Christianity and Traditional order as its primary directives. As long as Reaction in the Third Rome continues its long march towards victory, we are behind it all the way. Our allegiance is to an ideal, to a high principle. Glory to the great white east and may justice come swiftly to those who so desperately want to rape the Russian culture once more, as if the first time wasn’t enough.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Russian Propaganda at its Most Vile

  1. I recently found your blog and like your writing. I want to believe in this Russian reactionary revival but I am also skeptical of it. Putin seems to say the right things and occasionally meets with the right people but he is very short on actions. Firstly, he could easily be arming Christians in the middle east but is not (at least as far as I know). I have no expectation that Obama would do such a thing but I also think he is a Christ-hating POS. It would be trivially easy for Putin to show some fruit here by protecting Christians against the savages.. Also, his assistance of Iran is more consistent with an old-school if-the-west-is-against-it-I-am-for-it foreign policy. What kind of Christian traditionalist sends weapons to Iran? I also know that Russia is not synonymous with Putin and there could be a real people's revolution independent of Russian political leadership. Any thoughts on this or perhaps illuminating links? Thanks.


  2. Certainly, and thanks for visiting.

    Vladimir Putin is an opportunist, though one who at least does have a steadfast loyalty to his country. He is not a Reactionary. However, there are members of his party who are, as well as advisors. For an in-depth look at Putin and what governs his actions, see the book by Aleksandr Dugin, 'Putin Vs. Putin'. Dugin is probably the most high-ranking thinker in Russia you could deem a Reactionary, although some elements of his political philosophy need a lot of work. He's on the right track at least.

    The problem with arming Middle Eastern Christians is that they are a very small minority in many cases, dispersed widely, and also a lot of them are unwilling to fight. Centuries of oppression has led to a martyrdom complex where they aren't overly concerned about their fate and see dying as martyrs for Christ as a blessing. It's hard to understand, but they liken themselves to the Christians fed to lions in Rome. I have an admiration for them in this regard, even if it will prove self-destructive. There is also the concern these arms would end up in the hands of ISIS or others, since even armed Christians there would be too few to stand up against an Islamic onslaught.

    One exception might be the Christians of Lebanon who are no strangers to armed struggle, however conflict hasn't really reached them yet. Besides, in Syria, some of Putin's arms to the Assad regime are going to the small Christian militias there, because Assad needs all the help he can get.

    Arming Iran is a direct result of Obama's nuclear negotiations, which gave it the green light of legitimacy since according to Obama, the threat has gone. It's also an easy route of payback against America's financial war on Russia. It's likely that the Russians are not concerned about Iranian nukes because they know that there will be military action to stop Iran by either Israel or the USA. The clever move essentially increases the likelihood of this costly war and all it would entail. The result? Sky high oil prices and a weakened West embroiled in another battle.

    It's important to emphasize in this respect, Putin is a shrewd political operator with admirable leadership qualities, but he will never be Tsar. He lacks the qualities necessary for that role.


  3. Thanks for the detailed response. Your assessment of Putin is not different from my own. I really don't believe that he is a Christian as some seem to think/hope, but I do admire his steadfast loyalty to his country. We used to have men like this. I will look up Dugin and read him. Thanks.


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