Techno-Materialism as a Drowning Pool

My first article published at what we should probably now call the centroid of the Reactosphere, Social Matter, written in response to Reed Perry’s piece on the degeneration of our moneyed elite at the same outlet. Here I give a preliminary assessment of how our culture is in the end stages of a transition to technology as a success metric, and how this is an epic disaster waiting to happen. I also touch on how a legitimate elite class would dodge such bubbling pools of societal death.

So what are you still doing here? Get over there and give Social Matter some traffic and insightful thoughts in the comment section.


2 thoughts on “Techno-Materialism as a Drowning Pool

  1. My problem with the Nrxn is similar to my problem with paleoconservativism: too much talk and too little action. And NRxn has a few unsavory and socially awkward characters that can not connect with the yielding masses. The masses long for a strong, masculine leader. We need a game plan that must be implemented on the ground. 2020 should be the year that we start to turn things towards a new direction.


  2. I agree in principle with your assessment, but these are still early days. 2020 might be a time when we'd like to have some kind of concrete institution to work through, so that not everything was based on the net. A lot of things are dependent upon geopolitics and how things play out over the next 20 years. I have long held that I think we are going to see hardship soon like we have not before witnessed. At that time, I would hope to have groundwork laid, and then action can actually begin.

    In the meantime, our critique needs sharpening, sort out entryists and other undesirables, and stay below the larger radar of the SPLC-types, who can pour thousands into destroying movements they deem a threat at this early stage. I'm pretty soon going to be discussing Nrx, and what is going on right now within the Reactosphere and how we can improve.


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