Jeux avec Frontières (Games with Frontiers)

mark the calender
another Reactionary victory

People were taken by surprise with just how successful the #gamergate controversy was. What would have been a page 38 ‘scandal’ about video game journalists sleeping with developers and other ethical quandaries was taken by a few good men determined to launch a shot across the bow at Liberalism and exploded into a mushroom cloud of sniping and conflict within the video gaming ‘community’.

The ethics scandal was smeared with the bloody handprints of Social Justice Warriors, that is independent left wing operatives who extort grievance rackets for both financial profit and service to the degenerate forces of Modernity. These people were unhappy about the ‘lad culture’ that had developed in the gaming world, and wanted video games to be injected subtly with Feminist subplots, and other methods for overthrowing ‘cisgender norms’ and of course the left’s constant boogeyman, ‘the Patriarchy!’.

Two people highly involved in the Manosphere, with some connection to NeoReaction seized ahold of the opportunity and turned the controversy viral. They were of course, Youtube channel operators Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen, who documented the left wing conspiracy to vampirically politicize video games as another arm of the Liberal media borg. This was what they called ‘the Sarkeesian Effect’, named after one of the Social Justice Warriors in question. Shockingly, the Sarkeesian Effect outraged gamers who piled in with Reactionaries on websites like Twitter and others to criticize the moderators of political correctness. Although some collaborators with the ruling class quickly tried to distance their own complaints from the radical rightist involvement, they were pretty unsuccessful. 

For an in-depth look at the #gamergate saga, read Bryce Laliberte’s treatment of the topic, here…

when the left depicts you as some kind of swamp-dwelling leech-fiend
you know they’re scared shitless

Well, this was of course a major coup for Reactionary forces. The Modernists lost the debate and had to retreat, with the community they tried to infiltrate now awash with strident and vigilant voices who were on the lookout for their propaganda. But now something of a similar nature has happened again. If you’re wondering what the ‘Hugo Awards’ are, mentioned in the headline image, allow me to explain.

The Hugo Awards are like the Grammys for science fiction and fantasy writers, held each year to give trophies to the best stories. If you are involved in this subculture, it’s actually a pretty huge deal.Anyhow, like most institutions, the Hugo Awards and the science fiction elite in general have been drifting ever more leftward in their political ideology in recent decades. This was made firmly evident by the recent expulsion of rightist author Vox Day from the Science Fiction Writers of America organization. This cabal have also been rigging the Hugo Awards to render them an affirmative action circus, widening the tent to grievance industry sob stories with space ships that win awards in place of merit-worthy fiction.

In response to this, relatively Conservative science fiction authors who had long been snubbed by the elite, such as Brad Torgersen, Larry F Correia, and John C. Wright, decided they would circumvent the left’s rigged process at the Hugo Awards. Contracting veterans of the #gamergate controversy who were also part of the science fiction fandom, they created what was known as the ‘sad puppies’ slate, a list of authors who didn’t necessarily toe the Liberal line, who should be nominated for Hugos. Since the nominations were open to anyone willing to pay the $40 membership fee, a raft of Sad Puppy duplicates flooded the ballot counting process. What’s more, Vox Day created his own spinoff with even less politically correct authors, this time called the ‘rabid puppies’ slate.

Working in tandem, the rabid and sad puppy slates were a rousing success. The opposition was blown away and those who dissented from their Liberal clique were now up and down the final ballot. The ensuing controversy over what the elite only now calls ‘cheating’ has turned up everywhere from the despicable Huffington Compost to Britain’s Telegraph. Ultra-liberal science fiction authors like John Scalzi are fuming.

Now, they are threatening to vote ‘No Award’ over everyone on the puppy slates, but this doesn’t matter. They’ve already lost and been humiliated.

What do victories like this actually mean?  Well, I’m sure thinkers like Michael Anissimov and other proponents of taking back the left’s centers of cultural influence are ecstatic about it. On top of #gamergate, they see another notch in the bedpost where Liberalism is losing grips on small concentrations of power and influence. I take a slightly different view, because if that was the long term goal then the battle is already lost. Instead, I think victories over Social Justice Warriors whether they are science fiction authors or video game journalists are instead highly useful ‘waygates’ into Reaction for curious observers.

Coups like this are so rare that they attract huge amounts of attention. People are interested in what is now counter-cultural, and so they will read about the Hugo Awards, wonder who this ‘Vox Day’ character is, and go to his website where he gives his radical views on politics. From there, they may find their way through to even more radical blogs. If we writers of Reactionary societal critique have done our jobs well, they will find our ideas fascinating and ultimately convincing. Each new head on the mantle is another waygate opened. Expect to see more of this, and as a result, increased traffic to the Reactosphere.

Reactionaries were ultimately the unseen hand behind the Hugo Award disaster for the left. We are the origin of this contradicting energy flow. All we need are more fish to swim upstream and join us in Tradition’s lagoon.

For Vox personally, its a huge triumph against a cadre of politically correct tolerance-nazis and anti-Christians who set out to destroy his career (Indeed, George Martin is outraged nobody is standing up to Vox in particular who he finds “toxic”). For the larger movement on the radical right however, it is also a momentous opportunity for expanding the audience tuned to our political message.

Congratulations to Vox and all the puppies.

And congratulations to the Hugo Awards. An atomic detonation just rendered you radioreactive.

3 thoughts on “Jeux avec Frontières (Games with Frontiers)

  1. Hey man you know where that “swamp-dwelling leech-fiend” is based of right? It's Gravemind from Halo. That is interesting because Halo is not about a black female convert to Judaism who is gender-fluid queer and transspecies. It's actually a good game. There are female soldiers which are implausible and unrealistic but whatever. Hell, there are socially conservative girls at my Uni Catholic group who think it's perfectly normal for women to be in the military. One girl told me that she's not into joining (duh) but she'd join the Air Force if she did (that sort of makes sense because she's an aerospace engineer but women in combat roles is the stupidest idea I've ever heard).


  2. It's probably a topic I will cover at some point. No sane country sends girls to fight and die. Not only is it a recipe for losing a war, but its an abdication of the true role of men, and inevitably leads to station leveling, which then inevitably leads to gynocentric tendencies. Women begin to think they can do anything.

    The only instance in which women should fight is as a last resort when the enemies are actually inside the gates.

    Thanks for the heads up. I haven't played Halo so I just thought it was some random abomination.


  3. ''No sane country sends girls to fight and die.''

    The leftist Kurds in Syria is doing exactly that.So far they are still winning against ISIS(with US airstrikes of course).

    It will be interesting what effect this will have in the long-term. I think that the majority of women joining are more masculine in temperament. And the war will end up culling them.


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