How to Serve your Testicles to a Feminazi

As much as I loathe to link to any piece written in the UK’s daily rag, The Guardian, especially one published in 2009, reading this piece filled me with such revulsion that it seemed to warrant some kind of critical response.

The baby-genocide supporting troglodyte known as Jessica Valenti penned this article as a jumbled excretion of anti-male hatred stemming from her own disordered superiority complex. It is possibly a definitive work in terms of outlining just how insane the feminist mind is and from it we can definitely conclude that the rejection of the true virility of womanhood has mind-altering effects. It will actually turn you into some kind of psychopath.

“my extended family looked similarly quizzical when I mentioned that I would be keeping my last name. The fact that Andrew and I had had conversations about the misogynist traditions that accompany marriage made us a bit of an oddity, it seemed.”

The first sign you may be about to walk into the bear-trap of marrying a feminist psychopath is that they will wish to keep their last name, or perhaps do some sort of double-barreled, hyphenated deal. 

To be clear, no wife should ever be talking to you about ‘misogynist traditions’, in fact no woman should be talking period about any ‘misogynist traditions’ because the fact is this is a cover for degrading true male virility and even worse, one’s ancestral practices, in order to further the goal of selfish egoism. We can only be thankful the bizarre nature of Jessica and Andrew’s proposal was considered an oddity by at least some people.

“My parents have a wonderful marriage, but they have been together since my mother was 12, married when they were just teenagers and are barely ever separated. They even work together. As a result, I have always thought of marriage as involving the loss of a certain amount of autonomy.”

Heaven forbid! Remember the Four Laws Theory? Raising autonomy above its correct station, worst of all making it the apparent pinnacle of one’s humanity, especially for a woman, is a sign of a depraved psyche that will only ever truly care about itself and will never sacrifice for others. Not exactly good wife material.

But wait, there’s more!

“never underestimate the power of being in love. Andrew is fabulous and I want to be married to him – due in no small part to the fact that he also identifies himself as a feminist and that an equal partnership is just as important to him as it is to me.”

So, here she admits that the major reason she wishes to be married to Andrew, the real reason she ‘loves’ him is because he obeys the feminist dogma. He is like a dog that will heel to her ideological demands. He will be the wife so she doesn’t have to be.

in serving her like a slave, you forfeit being her man
don’t be surprised when she screws around

Andrew, who it is very hard to have sympathy for, has been thoroughly castrated by this harlot and seems to be loving it, so we can probably conclude that living too long as an omega male will also cause severe psychological damage. Eventually, she will commit adultery. This is almost inevitable and yet he doesn’t care. What male could actually enjoy being treated in this way? To have his own sex and their long-standing traditions of virility spat upon by an uppity *excuse my language but I find it to be accruate* bitch? Rest-assured, there is still even more leftist nutjobbery to be observed.

“I blogged about the struggle Andrew and I had getting engaged in the same month that California overturned same-sex marriage rights. We had actually discussed not getting married until everyone could; instead, we decided to use our impending marriage as a way to talk about same-sex marriage among our friends and family. In our engagement announcement, for example, we asked anyone considering getting us a gift to instead donate to an organisation fighting for same-sex marriage rights.”

The happy couple of course paid ‘tribute’ to their new gods, part of the degenerate pantheon, the sodomy lobby. Often, feminist ceremonies of ball-removal will include sprinklings of such tribute. A donation to Planned Parenthood here, an affirmation of child molestation there. The important thing for the omega being castrated to remember is this has very little to do with him. He is a garnish, a salad dressing. The ceremony is really all about her and the celebration of her conquest, of a victory for Liberalism.

Valenti could probably be described as an ‘arch-feminist’. Her level of sickness is not typical, but is becoming more prevelant across the Western world. More and more, young girls are growing up being told that they are superior to boys, that they are destined to rule over men and smash the ‘patriarchy’, that old devil from ages gone by. Every man is trying to rape them, and unless you get ‘married’ the Valenti way then you’re a sucker who is about to be abused for the rest of your life.

At certain times, it is necessary to observe our enemy and that was the reason for posting this article. If any man ever considers joining the Modern world and abandoning Reactionary tendencies, I just want to show you where this can lead, just how deep you can go. Andrew is Valenti’s castrated concubine now and they have it in writing. I can only feel sorry for the son who would have to look such a person in the eye and call him ‘father’. Perhaps it would be better to be raised by wolves.

at least you’d see some masculinity

6 thoughts on “How to Serve your Testicles to a Feminazi

  1. The problem is that many men are ignorant, because their entire lives they've been fed feminist nonsense by everyone: parents, schools and the rest of society (except maybe the Church, but no one listens to the Church anymore*). I've seen many a decent man destroyed and heart-broken because of his ignorance of women.

    * What I've witnessed in the Orthodox Church is that politically correct christians in Orthodox Church have cognitive dissonance, and what happens is that they either leave the Church or leave political correctness.


  2. With regard to the Orthodox Church, I am curious as to why this seems to be the case here but not in the Catholic Church where essentially the liberals take pride of place in many instances, on cue from liberal cardinals, bishops, and priests. It is quite possibly because the heartlands of Catholicism have been awash in liberalism for a long time whereas the heartlands of Orthodoxy are still rather traditional places.


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