The Art of Blasphemy & Cultural Degeneration

There are many Reactionary takes on the Charlie Hebdo shooting conducted by Sunni Islamic terrorists in Paris on January 7th. The attack was retribution for the magazine’s consistent denigration of the Muslim prophet, whom Muslims believe it is a capital crime to depict in image of. I don’t really wish to repeat what others have said, so I direct you to this short Orthosphere piece by Kristor that I find to be in alignment with my analysis.

Jihadists execute a French officer during their escape
after massacring 10 employees of Charlie Hebdo

Thus, I would like to segue into a discussion that is a little more relevant to us. Since we have voluntarily segregated ourselves at least in worldview from Modern Western society and set ourselves resolutely against it, we can comfortable say we just don’t have a dog in this fight and it is merely another interesting political twist as Modernity enters its death throes.

I have previously talked about profane art designed to offend Traditional sensibilities in my piece on Reactionary vandalism. Obviously the cartoons published in Charlie Hebdo were intended to offend the Traditional sensibilities of Muslims, but their targets for ridicule went far beyond that. The magazine routinely slandered Christ and His followers in the most disgusting ways, as well as caricaturing Jews and other figures whom the magazine’s cartoonists had a problem with.

I won’t discuss the blasphemy against the Lord of Charlie Hebdo’s employees. They are dead, and ironically it was at the hands of the very immigrant population that their leftist politics favored for importation into France. Instead, I want to discuss a degenerate ‘artist’ whose disgusting works warrant some Reactionary press and response.

Andreas Serrano
vile American leftist degenerate

Andreas Serrano, born in 1950, is a self-proclaimed ‘artist’ most famous for his controversial artwork and photography that has featured feces and bodily fluids as well as corpses. His pièce de résistance is called ‘Piss Christ’ and will not be shown on this blog. It features a plastic crucifix submerged in a glass container of Serrano’s urine. It is hard to think of something more grotesque, vile, and insulting. The response to the work was a collective outrage that followed its transportation out of America to art galleries abroad.

In Victoria, Australia, the gallery displaying the piece received death threats, a patron attempted to physically remove it, and two brave teenagers of good faith attacked it with a hammer. It received a similar reception in Avignon, France, where it was vandalized beyond repair.

When we see the destruction wrought by Muslims in the name of their prophet, a brutal ending of the lives of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, we ask ourselves what the Christian Recationary response is to the leering, perverse desecration of what we know to be holy? How do we respond to blasphemy, especially that which is displayed as some kind of ‘art’ form, to be looked at and admired by the public?

My answer is the full endorsement of the actions taken against Serrano’s artwork, avenging the faith through the destruction of profane art and publication. ‘Piss Christ’ was not just a blasphemous abomination, it was a propaganda tool. Its purpose was to lower the status of the Lord in the eyes of all who saw it. For this reason, it is absolutely justifiable and righteous to destroy such things.

more vile artwork from Serrano
heroically vandalized in Sweden

In October 2007, another profane display by this very same degenerate went up in Sweden, a collection of blown up pornographic photographs featuring various unnatural sex acts, specifically designed to denigrate white males in particular. The images included not only women engaging in bestiality, but also a white man being fisted by a woman, a woman urinating in a white man’s mouth, and a white man on his knees performing oral sex on a black man. This is not ‘shock art’, this is propaganda, it is a form of cultural warfare.
Thankfully, Swedish patriots did not stand for this insult. Armed with crowbars and axes, a group of nationalists broke into the gallery after hours and lay waste to Serrano’s disgusting pictures.

Below is a video of the action.

This is exactly the response Reactionaries should embrace when it comes to blaspheming, degenerate cultural terrorists like Serrano. Destroy their works, for their works are of the devil, and this Swedish gallery was open to seven year olds so it seems clear to me that there is a pedophile agenda working in the background, as there often is in Sweden.

Running around complaining, writing columns in little papers, petitioning for court actions; do not be deluded into thinking any of that is going to remove this poison from society. Action is required and we need to see much more of it.

According to their theology, Muslims could not allow Charlie Hebdo to get away with publishing those cartoons and they responded in the way that their sacred texts proscribe.
We are not so savage and unforgiving, however it is our duty to stand up for our beliefs and stay true to our God and the Traditional idea. Our action must be more subversive and less bombastic and as such will actually end up being far more effective as a tactic furthering our agenda. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to declare war on Modern art like that which is churned out by Serrano. This propaganda is an affront to everything we stand for, thus consider it akin to tearing down statues of Molech and Dagon. The Modern world has its own pagan gods, and their idols are too often left standing.

To commit ourselves to this action is to please God and honor Him, and perhaps to bring the invisible world closer to the visible one once more, and as a result we can hope that the divine force will aid us in our struggle. See this as a form of theurgy. We are acting for God when we attack blasphemous images, and by inviting His favor and summoning up His willful good fortune, we are destined to prevail.

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