Winning & Losing in Scandinavian Politics

Article from December of last year, just a little more of an in-depth look at the Sweden Democrats, the party currently wreaking a bit of havoc in the political sphere of Europe’s most insane Modernists.

Just recently, tactical maneuvers by the Sweden Democrats caused the government to collapse and a snap election to be called. However, confirming our suspicions about how leftists have a controlled opposition, every party except the Sweden Democrats came together to block the election and what they feared would be a surge in support for the ‘far right’ party

Unfortunately, as this article notes, while the party has some admirable qualities and likely even has sympathizers with our agenda hidden among its ranks as so many of these kinds of parties currently rising in Europe do, the Sweden Democrats are not as great as some are making out

Rune Lauritzen makes the case over at Alternative Right.


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