The Two Manifestations of True Manhood

Manhood is defined as the state, or period, of being a man rather than a child. Every boy who will not die prematurely is destined to strive for manhood, but an unfortunate consequence of Modernity is the purging of a collective recognition and therefore cultural reinforcement of this process.

In the previous article, I analyzed a piece written on the so-called ‘Sexodus’, or the gradual breakdown in relations between the sexes to a point where males cease to seek any such relations with females whatsoever. The feminist initiative’s effect on girls growing up today in the West and others caught in its chain of infection is critical and I do not mean to diminish it. Womanhood is indeed under a brutal assault and has been for some time, however it is actually the assault on manhood that has opened the door for this catastrophic phenomena.

very true

Manhood does not spring out of nothing and we do not inherit it simply by virtue of being born male. What differentiates male from man, and by logical extension, female from woman, is a characteristic not entirely earthly nor born in vacuum from culture and upbringing. It is metaphysical in nature and as such is a characteristic separate from that of base strength, intelligence, or potency. A true man is he who has uncovered a metaphysical characteristic within his own sex. In the world of metaphysics, it may seem a rather bland focus for study, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is this characteristic of manhood which enables males to achieve that which goes above and beyond themselves, in a sense, it is a gift divine in nature.

In his masterpiece work, ‘Revolt Against the Modern World‘, philosopher Julius Evola writes in his chapter ‘Man and Woman‘ the following about the makeup of such a great characteristic.

“I have already considered the way of being that corresponds eminently to man; I have also discussed the two main paths of approach to the value of “being a principle to oneself,” namely, action and contemplation. Thus, the warrior (the hero) and the ascetic represent the two fundamental types of pure virility. In symmetry with these two types, there are also two types available to the feminine nature. A woman realizes herself as such and even rises to the same level reached by a man as warrior and ascetic only as lover and mother. These are bipartitions of the same ideal strain…”

Evola identifies two manifestations of the attainment of true manhood, the ultimate virility. The first is heroism, characterized by a courageous spirit, a readiness and willingness to face evil, and the pinnacle of which is self-sacrifice, to give up one’s earthly life for a true purpose. The second is asceticism, characterized by a disciplined spirit not given to lust and greed, a path of self-denial for the cause of higher understanding and knowledge through contemplation.

the temptation of Christ in the wilderness

During His earthly life, Christ possessed the power of true manhood for he was God and by necessity He possessed these great characteristics that work remarkably well for the application of Evola’s blueprint.

For forty days and forty nights, Jesus lived the life of an ascetic, in fact the ultimate ascetic for He fended off the greatest temptations of the greatest tempter in all of existence. The dark one offered all things grand and wonderful and still Christ rebuked him, continuing His fast in the wilderness.

At the fated hour, Jesus lived the life of a hero, in fact the ultimate hero for He bore the sins of the world, of mankind, not fleeing from the torture that was given to Him through no wrongdoing on His part. The coward runs and denies, the hero martyrs himself if it is demanded of him, and Christ’s martyrdom is the ultimate heroic act.

In understanding these two bedrocks of manhood we can start to look at ourselves and recognize where we are failing and where we are succeeding. Man is fallen and as such is very limited in what he may achieve, but the path of glorious self-actualization through one’s inherent, metaphysical characteristics of the sex are always open. Anyone can potentially be a hero. Anyone can potentially be an ascetic. Although one trait is typically dominant in what we might call the true man, one need not sacrifice the latter principle on the altar of the former or vice versa. It seems that great men, true men, real men embody both to a degree. When it is required, we will deny ourselves earthly pleasures and devote ourselves to higher knowledge and the attainment of wisdom. When it is required, we will sacrifice ourselves to pursue a just cause in the name of the many aspects of Tradition and ultimately in the name of God.

Look at the following side by side comparison.

The image on the left, believe it or not, is British actor Daniel Craig famous for his roles in the most recent James Bond movies, and by way of explanation, this was his appearance, dressed in women’s clothes, in a feminist initiative PSA about the so-called ‘pay-equity gender gap’. Daniel Craig, rather than being an actual man, has lived the mere existence of a male who frolics in the fantasy world of cinema, pretending to be fictional characters who are heroic.

The image on the right is Romanian nationalist leader, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, who lived his life as a reactionary intellectual figurehead for the Romanian nationalist movement during the pre-WWII years, engaging in myriad heroic deeds for his people and the World of Tradition and authoring a collection of written works relating to political contemplation. This was until his untimely death at the hands of anti-Traditional forces who, too cowardly to actually confront the full strength he had mustered within his movement and his own soul, strangled/shot him in the woods shortly after he was arrested.

The Moderns will call the man on the left a hero for standing up to the monster of ‘gender stereotypes’ and the fiend of the ‘patriarchy’, and they will call the man on the right a villain and a swine who inspired hatred and vouched for inequality and absolutes.

Why do the Moderns believe such things? Because they DESPISE manhood. Codreanu was a man. Craig is a male at best. One possessed the metaphysics of greatness, the other only the banal, mortal trimmings of a depraved mind jittering away in the corner with its fingers jammed between its teeth.

Metaphysical characteristics change a person, they bring them to a higher plane in one way or another. For someone who is contemplative and bold, ascetic and heroic, who denies the profane world without him for the divine spirit within him, whose only thought is to do service for his family, his nation, and his God no matter the cost to his earthly existence… that someone has achieved true manhood.

To win this war will require men and as if a gifted advantage from the Lord, men are by definition reactionaries. He who is Modern can never be a man. He who is a man can never be Modern.


2 thoughts on “The Two Manifestations of True Manhood

  1. I once had a Christian say to me that men in order to be Righteous and Holy in accordance with the character of Jesus. They would have to embrace their softer, nurturing feminine side. Implying that Masculinity(the fulfillment of maleness) is evil hence making an aspect of God's creation as created evil.


  2. Yes, this idea has permeated modern Christianity for at least a century, but I think the origins of this concept actually lie outside of Christianity itself and in the fear and loathing that Moderns have had for manhood for a long time. As I have indicated in previous articles, those who were real men have thwarted and killed many Modern elements around the world through the use of brute force. And so Moderns are hysteric when it comes to the challenge of manhood.

    Since Modern Christians have accepted this line of manhood being evil, they must feminize Jesus and in doing so turn their backs on the centuries of Tradition following His ministry as well as His actual life. Some have jokingly referred to this as 'Teddy Bear Jesus Syndrome' where people get a total mischaracterization of Him in their heads often infused with modern concepts.


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