A Commentary On the ‘Sexodus’

A new article by Milo Yiannopoulos over at conservative online news outlet, Breitbart News, provides a very interesting analysis of what is being dubbed the ‘Sexodus’ or the tail end of the Sexual Revolution as finally, the guillotines are descending from their peak chopping quotas and the feminist pitch forks and torches are becoming stale pieces of cutlery on the stage of a million and one ‘revolts’.

In the article, we get some insight into just how fractured and damaged the Sexual Revolution has left Western society, and to a lesser degree, the parts of the world that have been blighted by its influence. Men reduced to video gaming recluses who would rather engage themselves in base ‘lad’ culture and masturbate than settle into committed marriages as heads of household. Women who have been made into hyper-paranoid and ill-fitting slaveholders made of glass for whom a single glance can and will be treated as a form of telepathic rape.

his whole demeanor screams non-threatening and demure…
but his eyes say rape, rape, RAPE!

Nowhere can we see this more starkly in terms of consequences than in Japan. Now, I cannot say that the situations are totally analogous. Japanese girls are not as bad nor brainwashed as Western girls when it comes to feminism, but the nation’s men have been totally emasculated and, in a culture that has replaced bellicose militarism with sexual promiscuity, become perverts who are content to commit themselves to pornography subscriptions before women.

Japan’s birthrate is currently 1.1 births per fertile woman. That is according to a report by Life Site. The article here also has a sentence that sheds some light as to where the West is heading in terms of the ‘sexodus’.

“Moreover, Japanese youth are succumbing to what has been called “sekkusu shinai shokogun,” or “celibacy syndrome,” were young people don’t want to date, be intimate, get married, or have sex.”

will the West get to such a point where feminism
has made real females so unappealing
men will resort to cartoons?

In the Breitbart article, the key themes are used to paint a picture of where we are heading as a culture, and particularly the disastrous effects that the current, Modern gender dynamics are wreaking on boys and girls as they mature into adulthood.

“So what happened to those boys who, in 2001, were falling behind girls at school, were less likely to go to college, were being given drugs they did not need and whose self-esteem and confidence issues haven’t just been ignored, but have been actively ridiculed by the feminist Establishment that has such a stranglehold on teaching unions and Left-leaning political parties? 
In short: they grew up, dysfunctional, under-served by society, deeply miserable and, in many cases, entirely unable to relate to the opposite sex. It is the boys who were being betrayed by the education system and by culture at large in such vast numbers between 1990 and 2010 who represent the first generation of what I call the sexodus, a large-scale exit from mainstream society by males who have decided they simply can’t face, or be bothered with, forming healthy relationships and participating fully in their local communities, national democracies and other real-world social structures.   
A second sexodus generation is gestating today, potentially with even greater damage being done to them by the onset of absurd, unworkable, prudish and downright misandrist laws”

The above statements are entirely true. You don’t need to go hunting to find a perfect example of the male who has been crippled by his Modern upbringing, unable to cast off the shackles of this age and trapped in a cycle of torment. In such a cycle, his very nature is at odds with the culture at large which seeks to mold him into a subordinate of no legitimate authority, but the authority of women and the vacuous principles embodied in liberalism.
To reinforce this subjugation and downright abuse of boys, the Modernist also abuses girls by forcing them to take on the role formerly occupied by males. This station is not only one that is unfit for a woman to hold, but is also a way of crushing her as well, forcing her to adopt what one might crudely deem a ‘metaphysical penis’. She must dominate the conversation, she must make the rules, she must ‘control her body’, and must be aware of the fact that every male on earth is a bottom-feeding rapist with no capacity for integrity or respect.

feminazis abuse, assault, and degrade men protecting a 
Catholic cathedral in Buenos Aires

This inherently leads not only to a false sense of entitlement and insecurity, but a view that men are subhuman and any attempt by men to usurp female authority is to be treated with extreme hostility as a tyrannical power play rather than a re-assumption of divinely ordained roles within human society.
All things are intrinsically linked in this regard when we look at the relevant policies and agendas as well as their effects outlined in the article. Why would an elite wish to bring the birthrate crashing the ground as in Japan? Why would they want men to be weak, effeminate, useless, and fearful?
Many, particularly in critiques of feminism from the counter-Jihad sides of academic study, have posited that this is entirely racial for white elites. These individuals see white people as a scourge on the planet, and this is why in Europe, policies that accelerate declining white fertility are juxtaposed with open borders to non-white, often Muslim immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East. This goes some way to explaining why feminism is relatively muted when it comes to the highly patriarchal family system in Islam that is a dominant feature in many ethnic communities in the West. All focus is on the crimes of white males. It is also hard to deny this theory when you have (particularly Swedish) authorities who make self-genocidal speeches about replacing native populations.

However, I want to say this is not exactly what I think is happening, although it may be part of it. While the Modern elite are indeed nefarious and sinister in all their actions, I would put the feminist spiral of insanity that is spearheading the Sexodus down to simply the mutating outworkings of liberalism rather than a very well thought out conspiracy.
If liberalism is true then this process of removing all male power naturally follows, for liberalism at heart is a commitment to overturning all products of human experience and divine revelation, it is a commitment to the absurd, the dangerously eccentric, the wishes and whims of the lowest common denominators, and the empowerment of the unworthy to the detriment of the heroic. As feminism metastasizes into an ever-uglier and indefensible tumor, this may become more apparent. Meanwhile, the damage and human cost is beyond the pale.

if there is a larger conspiracy…
it can be found in this image

To conclude though, I would like to point something out that may indeed touch on the conspiratorial, which is never a problem as we know how devious the enemy is. In several nations since the dawn of the Kali Yuga, there have been periods of trouble and strife for the Modernist. He has encountered resistance to his agenda in the form of the noble spirit which manifests itself as groups of men willing to fight to defend the core of who they are, the World of Tradition. Sometimes, this backlash has been misdirected, and often despite major successes, Modernity has turned back the tide though often at the expense of many of its adherent’s lives. Could it not be the case that even Modernists learn from history? Could it not be the case that they know this is their weakness and are looking to plug the leaks in this doomed vessel? There could be no more insidious defense mechanism against the perpetual heroism of men than to fundamentally alter what is means to be a man, to turn men into what is pictured above.
Let us pray this is not the case, for if it is, then our enemies are already reaping great rewards from the bitter crops they have sown, a generation of emasculated servants who will dance to whatever drum the Modern elite decides to beat, and that includes aiding in the murder of unborn children, embracing servitude and humiliation at the hands of women, or even exchanging their natural inclination towards the opposite sex for carnal relations with one another. This is what is upon us.

The Sexodus rolls on. Only we brave few stand to turn back this wave and rescue from destruction as many as we can, for they will be the soldiers of any counterattack against Modernity that will be required in this, the twilight of the Age of Kali.

2 thoughts on “A Commentary On the ‘Sexodus’

  1. I'm not usually the conspiratorial type, but I wouldn't be surprised if food and drinks unique to our age have certain chemicals that are negatively impacting our hormonal balance. I'd be interested to read some studies on it.


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