The Disgusting Mandate for British Faith Schools

In a recent report by the ever-leftist British Broadcast Communists company (BBC), it appeared that the country’s Department of Education was rushing to clarify a Tweet it had sent out calling claims that it intended to force British faith schools to teach certain vile and immoral things to students, “nonsense”.

Faith schools have been the source of increasing controversy in the highly atheistic country from which some of the world’s most Stalin-esque atheists herald, and where Christians in particular are the subjects of ridicule and abuse across the media spectrum from online publications to television stations. Faith schools in the country range from Anglican (in accordance with the official state religion), to Catholic, Muslim, Haredi Jewish, and even now Hindu. These schools have achieved far higher average grades than the public schools that continue to fail miserably.

Obviously this is rather embarrassing to the secularists, and so they have worked diligently to try and have these schools shut down.

faith schools have come under increasingly blistering attack

The new method employs the Department of Education, which I guarantee is no less corrupt than its US counterpart. In the wake of the so-called ‘Trojan Horse Scandal’ in which Islamic faith schools in Birmingham were promoting Jihad, there has been a push by secularists to force all faith schools to teach some amorphous thing called ‘British Values’.

It would almost be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic. There are no British values anymore, at least not ones based in anything other than the opinions of the moronic masses steered to the desired opinions of the liberal elite.

Here is an excerpt from the BBC report on the controversy.

Mr Farron responded by tweeting: “Tolerance & enlightenment are key parts of our education system. That @educationgovuk tweet is unacceptable. Will be raising with ministers” while Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt wrote: “LGBT rights are British values. DfE must back compulsory sex and relationship education, including LGBT rights.”

LGBT rights are British values? Since when? Since their pathetic puppet government legalized sodomitical marriage just recently? If so, what exactly does this say about Britain’s millions of war dead in the preceding century alone? If they didn’t die for British values then what exactly did they die for? They would have spat on the current government and likely the current population at large as well.

Notice the totalitarian overtones here as well. “DfE must back compulsory sex and relationship education, including LGBT rights.”

I always enjoy the input of noted pedophilia advocate and general pervert, Peter Tatchell, who classified the mere statement that the compulsory part was nonsense, as “disgraceful homophobia”, itself a figment of his own diseased imagination.

Jewish Yeshiva schools have expressed particular
outrage over the persecution to come

At the Jewish Press, journalist Tibbi Singer notes that Yeshivas in London are likely to fall under increasing scrutiny because their students are taught to actually obey the Torah, unlike the liberal leftist Jews like prime minister in waiting, Ed Miliband. These Jews have aroused suspicion already for seeking gender separation in their rather large neighborhoods and estates.

This attack on faith schools is very likely to be initiated in full, government ‘tweets’ aside, as what little resistance there is means nothing to the highly secularized population who spurn their own country’s religion and anything they deem to have similar traits. If there was a referendum in the UK to seize the children of religious parents for fear they could be ‘indoctrinated’, I have no doubt it would receive a plurality of votes.

Actions such as these will only bring more tragedy upon the United Kingdom as it not only falls deeper into God’s disfavor but also drives its small yet diverse religious population to radical defensive actions against the intrusive state and the tyrannical majority who slave for its dominion. Justifiably so it would seem as the state is intent on conducting a war on religion and tradition at the behest of deviants and faux intellectuals like Richard Dawkins and the comedy circuit. Another case of Modernity firing the first shots.

And still Britain’s castrated monarchy claims to be the ‘defender of the faith’? If an absolute monarchy is the ideal government for Britain, then it simply cannot be the current occupants of the positions relevant thereto. This has become almost as clownish as the ‘House of Lords’ which is home to foreigners and various unsuitables (take Lord Alli for example, a gay Muslim… and a lord!), and the knighthood custom that has seen itself so debased that nobody would be surprised to see Miley Cyrus become an honorary dame.

‘Lord’ Alli – Islamic sodomite
Recommendation – Vacation in Brunei

The gist of this piece, I hope, is to make clear that Britain is at the forefront of an all-out war to finally purge religion from the western world once and for all, and I must predict that even the left’s sacred cow of Islam may be offered upon the altar of modernity in the end, the Muslims having only served as useful pawns in modernism’s war on the True Faith. This will not stop on this island, it will spread across the continent and sooner than anyone suspects, across the Atlantic. This mandate concerning ‘equality’ education under the guise of ‘British values’ which now supposedly include anti-religious legislative pogroms, is an abomination, and yet another testament to  just how fully illegitimate the British government is and how correct those are who oppose it increasingly openly. The British parliament was already politically illegitimate, but thanks to inaction and compliance, its otherwise Traditional institutions appear to have lost their political legitimacy as well, or rather have forfeited it with narry a worry nor care.

Are British Reactionaries brave enough to face the prospect of rebooting Tradition from scratch once the Kali Yuga ends, casting off these corrupt entanglements that are seemingly blackened beyond redemption? We shall see.


3 thoughts on “The Disgusting Mandate for British Faith Schools

  1. Well, from my perspective, Glorious Revolutions that overthrow one dynasty and replace it with another, as with William and Mary, after William defeated James, do happen; perhaps that must happen with the House of Windsor.


  2. (Of course, I am Protestant, so I am naturally a partisan of William of Orange.

    Still, regardless of one's opinion of him vs. James, the principle surely stands; the alternative to a bad ruling dynasty in a given monarchy is surely a better ruling dynasty, rather than republicanism, of course.

    But then, I'm a committed monarchist, so I would think that. 🙂 )


  3. I am not a monarchist, but as a system, I don't have a huge amount to critique about it. I think it may well be the dominant government system post-dark age. You are 100% right. My critique points out that Britain's monarchy has forfeited its legitimacy, and should not command the respect or recognition of serious monarchists. The'queen' had to give her assent to the perversion of marriage and did so with no complaints whatsoever.


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