Reaction Involves Action

heroic French vandals deflate profane sculpture in Paris

At times every reactionary will ask themselves what they can actually do to fight against modernity. Writing dissertations that deconstruct liberalism with gleeful precision are enjoyable to read and certainly mind-expanding, but for those who despise this age, it seems necessary to act.

Various news outlets were dismayed to report that a controversial piece of ‘art’ put up near the Vendrome Column in Paris had been torn down on the 17th of October this year. The ‘art’ is the product of the diseased mind of American degenerate, Paul McCarthy. The piece simply entitled ‘Tree’, apart from being an abominable and talentless foray into the ever-toxic ‘new art‘ scene, is far from intended to represent a Christmas tree, but rather a sodomitical sex toy.

When the sculpture was erected in the square, there were displays of outrage by Parisians, many of whom are likely reactionaries. One even managed to hit the ‘artist’ in the face when he went to view his miscreation. Thankfully, overnight, a vandal or group of vandals (and I use that term with no negative connotation) tore down ‘Tree’ by cutting its support cables. A well aimed molotov cocktail would have been preferable, but we will take what we can get. Thanks to Patriactionary for covering this.
heroic Polish vandals torch ‘diversity’ sculpture in Warsaw

A similar act of reactionary vandalism occurred on 11th of November in 2013, when Polish nationalists celebrated their country’s independence day by marching through the capital in a show of force, culminating with the glorious torching of a monument to diversity that had become a rallying point for sexual deviants in the city. The monument had actually been torched four times prior, and let it be torched four hundred times more if that is what it takes!

I give you these two examples of heroic reactionary vandalism because it is a good incentive to others who occupy the western world or countries that are perhaps falling to its influence in small ways. You don’t necessarily need to be a political assassin in order to drive a blade into the back of this cyclops of modernity.

If you see some manifestation of modernity, including art, posters, media, and even events, should there be an opportunity to deface and disrupt this propaganda, it is in fact your duty to do so if you can without compromising yourself.

When reactionaries see these covert acts of public defiance, it builds confidence and dispels the sense of political isolation many on the right feel in this day and age. More importantly, it can trigger a chain reaction, inspiring reactionary brothers and possibly sisters to execute their own bantam acts of war.
reactionaries have been on the receiving end
of intimidation for far too long

These acts also shake the faith people have in their false religion of liberalism. The goal is of course to intimidate them. Do not be mistaken in thinking that fighting this ideology will strengthen its resolve, liberalism is far too void of core ideals for that effect to occur. I have long believed liberalism is overestimated in terms of how much resolve it can foster in its adherents. Wahhabi Islam this ain’t.

So, have the heroic spirit, reactionaries! In this age of Kali, even the smallest knives draw blood from the lumbering, inebriated tiger we wish to bring crashing to the dirt. To react, you must act! If for no other reason, then simply to cultivate the enjoyment of watching our enemies squirm.

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