The Truly Pathetic Nature of Republicans

I have advocated for poaching potential reactionaries from the fertile grounds of the disillusioned democratic right in the United States. Apologies in advance, as this will be an American-centric post, but it may hold some key truth that crosses borders. It is my firm belief that just as I became disgusted with this democratic system we have, others will surely follow.

But this is not a broad brush. There are many Republican voters who are just too pathetic and at heart, ‘liberal’, to admit the system they love so much, set up by the Founding Fathers, is dead. It has died the death of a thousand cuts administered by a scalpel it fashioned. This is why Republicans have lost election after election, only managing to avoid blistering defeats when their opposition (the Democrat Party) was so buffoonish in its actions that it was patently insane not to vote GOP.

The last two presidential candidates forwarded by the party were a man who is certifiably insane, and another who was more wooden than Emma Watson’s acting. And yes, both were backed by the party’s media apparatus, the various talk show hosts, Fox News, poindexter opinion publications like the National Review and the American Conservative. In the end, even the online bastions of the conservative far right gave in and supported the nominee.

I think we are going to see this change. Not among everyone. There are definitely conservatives who are going down with the liberal ship whatever. Maybe they’re addicted to the vast welfare state. Maybe they’re Randians who hate social conservatism. Maybe they have a mental fetish for defeat. It’s hard to engage and analyze this kind of conservative because he operates at a very low level of intelligence.

“I’ll shoots ya if you try to take away my democracy!
It’s my right to lose elections!”

This kind will respond to the questioning of democracy and the threat of extra-political means to overthrow it with petulant cries of …

“We have the Second Amendment to stop people like yoooo”

Just to be clear, the idiot wants to use violence to protect a system that hates him and always engineers things so that whatever he wants never actually comes to pass. The perfect soldier.

It’s people like this who you can’t reason with. They will never reject Modernity and the liberalism that underlies it. They are just as much slaves as any Democrat Party voter, and unfortunately they are a majority within the Republican Party. The average voter who ticks the box with the ‘R’ next to it, is unreachable. When this is detected, it is not worth the time or effort to try and convert these people. They’ve built their entire world on lies and cannot see it crumble. The best thing to do here is to give them a parting word on what they might expect in the future, and leave it at that. Don’t get ensnared in arguing with a liberal just because he carries this label ‘conservative’. The word has lost all meaning in this day and age. We’re all guilty of troll baiting, but it is a habit that is best kicked.

Nobody should worry about these unreachable Republicans either. The fact that they support the party line through thick and thin indicates a level of delirium that will be crippling at the end of the age. They present no tangible threat to Reaction.


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