What Puts the Neo in ‘NeoReaction’?

NeoReaction is a term that has become widely used as a sort of vague classification of the new burst in online interest in reactionary thinking, a sort of ‘new wave’ that is sometimes referred to by its more playful title ‘The Dark Enlightenment’ (a play on the original ‘Enlightenment’ period that acts as a boundary point between the Traditional and Modern Worlds)

For some reactionary thinkers however, this term is anathema, as it is seen as too closely applying to a secular and in some cases anti-Christian ideological network. The criticism is put forth by two thinkers I enjoy reading, namely Zippy Catholic and Bruce Charlton (who is Mormon for those who are wondering)



Charlton expands his criticism to encompass the infinitely more vague ‘Alternative Right’ as well as the ‘Manosphere’, the online network of men’s rights activists who have become disenchanted with the gynocracy present in modern society, particularly in the legal and judicial realm. The general feeling is that those seeking reactionary political goals without their necessary religious undercurrent are to be cut off.

Monarchy without Christianity? Not very tempting.

If I may offer something of a three point rebuttal to this idea that Christian reactionaries should reject out of hand, the various strands of new right wing thought.

1) We sell ourselves short. There is a vast debate going on right now across what might be called the ‘Reactosphere’, that is all the blogs and forums discussing reactionary ideology, and withdrawing from such a forum would be indicative of a shrinking confidence in our ideas of sound governance in accordance with the supreme God. Our vision of a model society based on fundamental reactionary and religious principles is far superior to any ‘secular’ vision such as that which the eminent thinker, Mencius Moldbug, advocates. Much of the growth in the new interest in reactionary thought is on our side. While many tech junkies in San Francisco may be rejecting democracy, there is also a large plurality of reactionaries who have come out of disillusionment with society’s moral decay and religious exclusion.

2) Let us be charitable and understanding. Instead of condemning those we share some noble causes with as ‘AntiChrist’ elements, let us give them our most charitable interpretations as Christian intellectuals should, and let us look upon them with righteous pity and understanding for they are products of their environment, and while they have woken up to the delusions that are democracy and equality, they are still asleep on the issue of God. We should acknowledge that atheism is itself the most deeply held delusional conviction one can hold. Disavowing elections? Easy. Bowing to the Living God? A difficult journey for one to take if they were raised in such an anti-religious cesspool as California.

3) The very assertions made by those we disagree with lead to our conclusions! The rejection of all those vile trappings of Modernity are NECESSARILY hinged upon the Divine World. Julius Evola, the noted reactionary scholar, did not believe in secularism, nor did even his hardcore pagan colleagues in the field. Secularism was pure anathema to the Traditional World in which the state and church were ALWAYS married. As I have said, no reaction is true unless it has at its center the goal of establishing a reconnection to the Divine, to that axis thrust through the world like a lance from which we are currently disengaged from. This is the very essence of the Traditional World. Those that disagree with us in the Reactosphere are wrong in their conclusion, but right in their initial assertions and complaints. It is our political duty to redirect them to the correct conclusion, that true reaction is absolutely religious in nature and to pursue any other concept is to descend into the subjective whims of malcontents. The problem with the Modern World is it has seen a total usurpation of religious authority and its lesser forms and relations. Let’s not be fearful of engaging as the dominant strain of thought in this new wave of reaction, and recruit from it with zeal.

Woooh, scary!

I actively identify this neoteric blog with the ‘Orthosphere’, which I would say is the religious counterweight within NeoReaction, sometimes referred to under its more classical name ‘Throne & Altar Traditionalism’. This is recognized as one of the three branches of the new wave in reactionary thinking. Michael Anissimov puts it in the following way in his posting ‘http://www.moreright.net/neoreaction-is-analytic-rightward-synthesis/‘.

Neoreaction (NRx) has been described as a trichotomy between Scientifically Aware Ethno-Nationalism, Techno-Commercialism, and Throne-and-Altar Traditionalism.

Most of the attacks against the Faith have come from the Techno-Commercialist strain which is largely centered in California, San Francisco in particular, though I will note with regard to Anissimov who is a leading voice within this strain, despite not being a Christian to my knowledge, he appears to hold the moral system in high regard and has gotten into trouble with other reactionaries due to a zeal for purity against such deranged individuals as ‘transgender’ deviants. Though I disagree with him on many issues including his love of transhumanism, I have to admire his bold social traditionalism in the black heart of homophilic America.

The Ethno-Nationalist branch of NeoReaction has a cordial alliance with the Christian Traditionilists with the exception of some crazy Nordic-Religious-Revival enthusiasts. I think this may be due to the similar geographical spread of Ethno-Nationalist focused reactionaries and Christian Traditionalists. This is in contrast to the cosmopolitan nature of the tech junkie side of the new wave, which is saturated due to its environment with the presence of anti-Christian ideas and social decadence.

In closing, I feel strongly we should analyze the work of men like Moldbug and his contemporaries, and engage with them as the theonomic wing, with the intent to swallow this movement into our own vision for a new golden age. Christians do not run from heresy and sin, they seek to purify it and drive the evil forms from their host.

God willing, the reactionary dawn will leave secularism in the dust where it belongs, and ignite a new age with the fire of the Divine Realm.


5 thoughts on “What Puts the Neo in ‘NeoReaction’?

  1. Personally, I think Reactionaries should be more bold about infiltrating even mainstream right-wing (even centre-right) groups. Many of these people, especially the ordinary every day sympathizers, have the right instincts, but simply do not know people who express them well. So, they wind up just being an ordinary centre-right Republican or something similar. Some are simply too caught up in opposing the most radical vanguard of liberalism to even think about such deeper issues. The Democrats and other centre-left (even centre) groups are clearly infiltrated by radical Communist and radical Cultural-Marxists elements. Why shouldn't conservative groups be infiltrated by throne-and-altar reactionaries? We should be active in all sort of forums: Wherever we might find a single sympathetic ear and we might be able to speak out, we should attempt to be.

    Also, as far as the Techno-Commercialist reactionaries originating from San Francisco, I'm pretty sure that's a direct result of the Michael Savage radio program originating from there. I know Moldbug originated from Lawrence Auster's View from the Right, and I'm pretty sure he would speak Savage's radio program on occasion, and Moldbug is the originator of much of Neoreaction. I was raised on that show myself. I still occasionally tune in for old time's sake.


  2. The Savage angle is an interesting one. I occasionally tune into his program. It makes a nice change from the very repetitive conservative talking points present on other shows. Savage, in spite of his flaws, is often willing to challenge the established paradigms and go outside the box.

    I have been an advocate for what you describe, that is recruiting from the fertile base of conservative America, but I don't see it as a failure of correct expression of instincts on their part, but a failure of correct conclusions from instincts.

    Real conservatives have an in-built instinct that tells them that there is something wrong with the society they are living in, and this problem is caused by a 'constant revolution' where traditional structures are overturned and remolded. The problem comes that they draw an incorrect conclusion from this instinct. The conclusion is that the system has somehow been poisoned or manipulated, not that the system itself is intrinsically dysfunctional.
    This is where the expression of the instinct comes into play, after the conclusion, as then conservatives play party politics, they vote Republican and buy into the promises of their elected officials. They believe they can combat the evil caused by democracy through democracy. This is what really led me to abandon conservatism and embrace the reactionary point of view. How many times can one watch them lose to the almost comically incompetent Barack Obama?

    Votes changes nothing. They may slow the degradation if you're very lucky, but in the end 'progress' marches on.

    This is good for us, as the disillusionment on the conservative side will continue to grow as this process goes faster and faster. How long until the Republican Party at large embraces sodomite marriage? The Nevada Republicans already have.

    You'll never win over the rank and file, but there is a hard right wing within the Republican Party that is vulnerable to this message and will be even more-so in the years to come! The Reactosphere provides the correct conclusions to draw from the Traditional instinct. We should definitely be guiding conservatives across the western world to this ideology through infiltration and other means.

    We are seeing this take shape somewhat, although I am sure there is a lot going on under the surface. Bryce Laliberte, who blogs over at Anarcho-Papist, is now a contributing writer to the Daily Caller, a mainstream conservative news source. I expect more dramatic developments in the next year and a half.

    We will triumph, brother. All means will be deployed. If God is with us, who can stand against us?


  3. “I have been an advocate for what you describe, that is recruiting from the fertile base of conservative America, but I don't see it as a failure of correct expression of instincts on their part, but a failure of correct conclusions from instincts.”

    This is essentially what I was driving at. I think the reason for this though is so few conservatives have an integrated outlook on their conservatism, so they fail to see the bigger picture of utter collapse of the traditional world. This is one reason why conservatives have been behind liberals in systematic theories. For instance, many right-wingers are Pro-Lifers, and that is their single issue. They are good on that issue, but they don't really have integrated theory about a life-affirming society, they just know that abortion is an incredibly ugly attack on life. Same thing with pro-family, pro-law and order, and other right-wing type people.

    However, every day the big picture of systematic assault on traditional life becomes clearer and clearer. It is clear that there is nothing that is sacred to these people. They are out to destroy what is good and right in the world, and they will not stop until the entire world is brought to their heel. So, more and more conservatives everyday are seeing that the system is rigged against them. Look at how many people who voted for McCain refused to show up and vote for Mitt Romney! How many more will refuse to show up and vote for whatever pathetic empty suit the GOP will haplessly put up for Hillary Clinton's election? I'm not sure if that's proper course of action myself since I still think we should attempt to delay what increasingly looks like the inevitable, if only for the sake of a few more souls being ready for it, but I surely sympathize with such people.

    BTW, I'm nathanjevans over at the Orthosphere.



  4. I had guessed.

    Yes, there is a concrete argument to be made for some stalling on our part, but its hard to guage without a very clear 'collapse point' that we can predict. I have felt that it will be before 2050. Others have said it may take longer, out to perhaps 2100, though I think this overestimates liberalism's appeal and plays down the insane state of global markets.

    We don't want it to happen too soon, that's for sure!

    The left wing of America is becoming more manifestly evil with each passing year, and I am optimistic this will fuel backlash (the coming to Reaction), but below the surface I have the grim knowledge of what has happened in Sweden, where the government is five times as evil as ours (think: compulsory boys dress like girls days at preschools), but the men have been so thoroughly emasculated they have become effeminate white knights or confessed asslifters.
    I don't think that can happen here, mainly because I think the American left aren't as smart and are clownish in areas where the Swedish left are not, and to see that you only have to switch to MSNBC during prime-time.

    It has to be said, when I look seriously at the left in America, its representatives and 'ground troops' I cannot help but feel a sense of pity for how oblivious they are to their impending doom, and how paltry their resistance may end up being in the end.

    In the event of a societal collapse in America, I can honestly see seizing lets say, the Louisiana coastal region, being more of a cakewalk than Putin's Crimea invasion. That's assuming the adequate preparations are in place of course, and I believe there is plenty of time for the growth stage and the subsequent pre-operational stage in which that will take place.


  5. The left wing of America is becoming more manifestly evil with each passing year, and I am optimistic this will fuel backlash

    yup. I was with them until they got gay marriage, and then some people in my family got divorces and stuff.

    what has happened in Sweden, where the government is five times as evil as ours

    Moldbug answered this. Western Europe isn't sovereign, it's all under the authority of the First World and the US dictates social(ist) policy. Eastern Europe may or may not be sovereign, Russia appears to have reasserted itself and may be emboldening the other countries of the former Second World.

    What angers the US left the most is that they conquer and occupy the entire world but 20 years of occupation could not crush the spirit of racists in the South and 50 years of affirmative action and making it illegal to employ racists in white-collar and customer-facing jobs can't stop racists from making racist jokes.


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