Banishing Secularism

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.”

Psalm 15:1

There can be no secular Reaction. This must be stated emphatically by the radical traditionalist, the true warrior of the Traditional World, whether he carry the pen or the sword. Critical minds who have launched devastating attacks on Modernity and made grand names for themselves (justly so), have been from diverse backgrounds in terms of religious belief. I have had correspondence with reactionary Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and even Mormons. They all have in common the belief that religion is ESSENTIAL to the traditional order, it is in fact its very essence, and to divorce it from politics is an affront to nature and nature’s God.

Of course, a great many reactionary thinkers do not agree. They have banished modernity’s trappings with gusto, from lies about race and folk, economic primacy, and sexual degeneracy to patriarchal breakdown and the evil of modern democracy. And yet while they avail themselves of these delusions, they still hold dear the maddest delusion of all.

They retain their own hubris, to say the World of Tradition is the property of man and rooted in our will. They agree with the majority of modern elites in declaring “there is no God!” and so while they triumphantly point to the rags they have parted before them, they are unaware that the thickest curtain has yet to be opened.

Texan secularists oppose anti-infanticide legislation

Atheism, and its weaponized political form in modern politics that has come to be known as secularism, is a virus. It seeks to decouple the law from the transcendent world, the objective realities that lie at the heart of questions regarding action legitimacy. I stress once more the desired harmony of the four laws in the lives of men.

THEONOMY – Law of the divine

HETERONOMY – Law of the other

PATRONOMY – Law of the father

AUTONOMY – Law of the self

In light of this, how can any reactionary be consistent in his commitment to Tradition, and to the total annihilation of Modernity, if he stubbornly continues to demand that the first law, Theonomy, be discounted as superstition for the ignorant? This idea is fundamentally modern, fundamentally anti-traditional, and an impassable roadblock for the reactionary movement.

We who put our faith and our lives in the hands of the Living God, wielded as His political tools on this earth, should not be hesitant to assert this just as strongly as we assert all the other traditional truths. All glory be to Him! It is truly by His grace that we have awakened to the filth we live in, that we are aware of what must be done. Failure to give reverence to the God of all that has been, all that is, and all that ever will be, is a demonstration that one has not yet shaken the blinders from his head.

Pray for the souls and more immediately, the minds of our reactionary brothers and sisters who struggle to shed their modern unbelief.

The future does not belong to the secular. Secularism and its vile incarnations must be wiped from the earth with such ferocity and zeal that among the generations of centuries to come, it will be said “to mix politics and religion is dangerous… to modern filth. Thanks be to God it finished their kind.”

More on this at a later date.

The glorious Archangel Michael
Loyal servant of the Divine Creator

4 thoughts on “Banishing Secularism

  1. That's a pretty interesting demo picture. Leftoid demos look more and more lame every time I see one. Is the woman holding the sign actually, you know, fertile? She looks a bit menopausal to me. Does someone say “let's put the old lesbians in front” or do they kind of elbow their way up there?

    Even better is that picture of Dick the Dolt. The more he is in the public eye, the better for everyone.

    Failure to give reverence to the God of all that has been, all that is, and all that ever will be, is a demonstration that one has not yet shaken the blinders from his head.

    So, I was talking to my rather flighty, giggly teenaged daughter after her return from a Catholic youth retreat. She was explaining that when it was the turn of our parish's youth, along with another's, to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, all the teenagers knelt. The youth group leaders from the other parish sat. Then the youth group leaders were subjected to repeated, increasingly angry instruction from their charges to kneel. “I don't want to” airheadsplained one of the youth group leaders. I was impressed by the teenagers.

    I mean, seriously, either you believe that you are in the actual, physical presence of the King of Kings, either you believe that you are in the Holy of Holies, or you don't. If you do, you kneel. If you don't, you aren't Catholic. This is about the least difficult chain of reasoning ever. But, “I don't want to.” Like that character from Paradise Lost, what was his name again . . .


  2. Haha

    Yes, indeed. Particularly in America I find, the old style left wing thuggery is actually becoming rather comical. Signs are becoming even more shrill, with vile messages like “Jesus isn't a dick, keep him out of my vagina!”. Babykillers have resorted to throwing feces and urine at their opponents, and the demonstrations seem to get smaller, and the women somehow get uglier.

    A particularly funny incident I saw (and I may devote a post to this at some time) was in the video of the last AMREN meetup (sort of an upscale white nationalist conference), notable for having the renowned RamZPaul talking about neo-reaction there to an audience who didn't know much about it at all.
    Anyway, the protesters who showed up, organized by a morbidly obese black panther had me in fits of laughter. A kid who looked like buckwheat, border jumpers, more obese hipsters, a bearded guy with an SDS t shirt, and for good measure a bastardized version of the Spanish communist movement flag.
    In total… maybe 12 people. That was all the left could muster… with freakin' AMREN on the slate! Not controversial enough?

    Dawkins and his fellow New Atheists (the ones still breathing) are of course, detritus, but I do enjoy watching the old fool grasp for attention through statements that *shock!* don't gel with the mainstream elite. From criticizing Britain's sacred cow, Islam, to defending “mild pedophilia”, he's the gift that keeps on giving. A clown for sure, but one who approves of anti-Christian persecution and is therefore a legitimate enemy of ours that holds some magnitude.

    I am warmed to hear that you seem to be raising your daughter into a fine woman, as hard as that is in the Western World today. Give her a full love of the Lord and she will be protected from evil, God willing.It is unfortunate that we see such hubris from youth 'leaders' who are likely just trying to pay off college loans. Their attitude tells me they do not approach the Lord with fear and trembling, as is to be afforded to a maximally great entity.

    Thank you for reading, and bless you, brother. I hope all of us in the Orthosphere may converse with greater frequency in the months ahead.


  3. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    Perfect. That summarizes what Radish just posted.

    Regarding the possibility of secular reaction, the neoconservative manifesto Starship Troopers was flabbergasting that anyone could expect religion to survive in that environment.

    Heinlein loved science and multiculturalism as much as any leftist. Well, as Heinlein demanded, we've done that experiment; so what does science say about multiculturalism now?


  4. In terms of the Profane Sciences, nothing. As ever, these fields are only tools for the agenda of the elite. If they are in contradiction to liberal orthodoxy, they are discarded. If they offer affirmation, they are trumpeted.

    Science today has at its base, the modernist dogma and so it must justify any cause that is inherent to the ideology of the modern elite. So when homosexuality was deemed to be positive, it didn't matter what the actual data was, the results had to be that it was good and not some kind of mental disorder.

    The same applies for multiculturalism. Science in the modern world could never conclude that human beings naturally gravitate to those like them, self-segregate, and in time form into rival ethnic cliques that aid the disintegration of a society. If multiculturalism has failed, it must be due to some other cause. 'White Privilege' is of course the latest incarnation of this. It isn't that native whites are bigoted or racist (that won't sell anymore), but that they have a secret and subconscious sense of entitlement that keeps others in bondage.

    But this is all part of social science, and to be honest, I think its previous name was more accurate. Pseudoscience.


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