A Denunciation of Secular Judiciary

Today, seemingly more than ever, and especially in the United States, the body of the secular judiciary (that is, the court system at both the local, state, and federal level) dominates the legal status of social change and degradation. From laws regarding the murder of unborn children to laws rendering sodomy illegal, the political intrigue is almost entirely contained to judges rather than lawmakers, indeed in many cases judges have become lawmakers.

The rule of judges is called a ‘kritarchy’. This word comes from the Greek ‘kritès (judge) and ‘arche’ (principle). In the Western world, we are seeing elements of kritarchy taking shape, and forging ahead with the goal of furthering liberalism and the chaos it brings. Judges are very useful tools in this effort, for they are largely immune from consequences and can thereforeo buck any popular opinion that might oppose an element of liberalism deemed to radical for even the average modern slob. What’s more, as with many figures who seek power in the modern world, judges are typically corrupt and godless. Even those who profess faith feel they have a good excuse for leaving it at the courtroom door because they are judging crimes and questions of law on the basis of the secular political hive mind that they serve.

Take Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy for example. Appointed by then President Ronald Reagan in 1988, he is one of the numerous Catholic federal judges. In spite of his Catholicism, Kennedy has been the driving force behind normalizing the crime of sodomy in America and legitimizing it with the title of ‘marriage’. How does this square? You might say that Kennedy is one of the many fake Catholics, but this makes no difference. He claims to be Catholic, and yet even though he has engaged in abominable crimes against God in his abuse of power, he has not been denounced on a religious basis by almost anyone. Gone apparently are the days when the Pope excommunicated such people.

But the problem is not necessarily with Kennedy or the religious order he claims to belong to. It is in fact the secular nature of the court itself. How could Kennedy be criticized? He is a justice sitting on a secular court. In fact, he is in total keeping with the institution he works within in excluding any faith he might have from his decisions.

Allow us to look past the nature of these decisions themselves. This is ultimately irrelevant to reaction. What is relevant is the nature of a secular judiciary, a parasitic concept masquerading as an element of a ‘representative republic’ when its very association with this idea is laughable in light of what courts have become.

No, the reactionary should recognize that no man is fit to judge. Only God is fit to judge. This does not mean we embrace an anarchy in preparation for the death and subsequent punishment of the wicked. It means we reject any secular authority on judgement, which should be the exclusive property of the religious authority, which may judge and detain according to the Word of God, rather than the word of man. Above is an image from an old ecclesiastic court. With some minor changes to the system, this is the ideal form of criminal justice and moral legal judgement.

On the moral issue of sodomy:

Kennedy thinks it is a civil right

God thinks it is an abomination

The reactionary should discard Kennedy’s ‘enlightened’ opinion out of hand. It is mere sophistry, not truth. God has given His command, and we are to obey in the traditional fashion. Kennedy bases his opinion on his personal interpretation of the US Constitution.

To be clear, his opinion is that of a revisionist at any rate, in both the wording and intent of the Founding Fathers. In addition, the Constitution does not have any authority on that issue. On the subject of moral judgement in law and criminal prosecution, none has authority but God.
Remember, God, NOT Kennedy.

A secular judiciary is a detriment to the nation, a particularly noticeable blight in the modern world, on society. The reactionary should unequivocally oppose ideas of secular judicial bodies. In a future reactionary nation that has broken down the farcical wall between church and state, almost all the powers of a traditional judiciary should be turned over to clerical authorities.


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