The Four Laws – Heteronomic Coup Theory

In the previous post, I outlined the ‘Four Laws Concept’.

To recap, the four laws that are the primary drivers of human behavior including opinion, are as follows.

THEONOMY – Law of the divine

HETERONOMY – Law of the other

PATRONOMY – Law of the father

AUTONOMY – Law of the self

Throughout the history of the civilized world, these four laws have been somewhat balanced in successful societies and cultures. People have what they require. They have essential freedoms, parents have a wide breadth of authority and respect, law is a functioning basis of society, and the people have a belief in the transcendent that has decreed the moral good through its divine commands.

This dynamic is present in all cataloged civilized cultures and societies, but in the modern world the balance is off by unprecedented margins in a staggering amount of places, all of which are typically the recipients of either liberal democracy or post-Enlightenment theories such as communism.

Red – Liberal Democracies / Brown – Marxist or Proto-Marxist States

If we are to analyze the map above, we see that liberal democracy has essentially infected almost the entirety of South and North America, with the exceptions of Communist Cuba, satellite puppet regimes in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, as well as Belize and a few island nations who retain a defiant air of illiberalism.

In Europe, the situation is less clear cut. I do not include Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, or Poland, for despite being democracies party to the despicable European Union, liberalism is not entrenched. Note that in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently declared his intention to make Hungary an “illiberal state”. Promising signs alongside the vanguard nations like Serbia and Russia.

The rest of the map remains largely untouched. Former British colonies in the south-east have taken after their mother country, South Africa has been enslaved to liberalism through a bizarre constitution, and of course in the far east, Americanism has liberalized Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea while communist philosophy still pervades in China, Laos, Vietnam, and the Stalinist armpit of North Korea.

I must stress that just because a government in any given countries demonstrates a democratic element, typically in republican or parliamentary form, this does not necessarily imply the culture at large is liberal. See the vast majority of African countries that have democratically elected governments, kleptocratic in practice, but are thoroughly illiberal at the social level.

The ideology of liberalism remains traditionalism’s most daunting foe, indeed its antithesis. Traditionalism is order to liberalism’s chaos. But how has liberalism managed to gain this much in the period of only a few hundred years?

I call the explanation: Heteronomic Coup Theory.

Of all the laws, heteronomy is by far the most coercive and contains the greatest potential for degradation and decay, for it is the backbone of the state.Remember, heteronomy is in most cases of significance represented by the government. So what have the governments in all of the red nations above done to condemn their societies to decay?

I posit that they have toppled the checks and balances on government power through the illogical and radical empowerment of autonomy at the superficial level. Essentially they have made people more free and given them more rights for the purpose of degrading society and leeching off the corpse of the nation. You need only consider government actions in the West, often mirrored by their cohorts in the Far East and Latin America, just since the 1950s. Have not almost all the great social changes been to empower the autonomy of at least certain individuals (special political interests) if not the nation at large, to the detriment of both religious and parental authority in the public square?

Allow me to define Heteronomic Coup Theory.

The theory that heteronomic institutions of power in a given society, especially one of a liberal bent, may consolidate undue authority and sow chaos by elevating the autonomy of individuals at the expense of religious and parental influences.

 Liberal governments actively subvert their own societies and destroy competing institutions of influence for the purpose of glorifying the secular god of ‘progress’, not dissimilar to the French Revolutionary concept ‘the Cult of Reason’. Of course it was anything but, and remains so.

If reactionary forces are to defeat liberalism and its twisted modern take on democracy, we must recognize the enemy. Autonomy is but a useful stooge for the abuses and catastrophic societal degradation and chaos brought about by the masterminds of governmental power in the modern world who are far more tyrannical as ‘elected officials’ than almost all monarchs, ecclesiocratic orders, warlords, or juntas prior to the 1700s.

Recognizing the fact that the Four Laws are out of balance is key to undoing liberal democracy and its adherents once and for all, and ushering in what some have called ‘the Endarkenment’.


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